Second Hand: ZEE5 short film sheds light on marriage insecurities

ZEE5 released the trailer for another short film ‘Second Hand‘, starring Parul Gulati, Abhishek Banerjee and Lakshya Kochhar. It comes out on April 15.

In the trailer, Sunil (Kochhar) gets married to ‘Beauty’ (Gulati), his second wife in the film. After he comes home married to a beautiful woman, his fellow mates start to flirt with her and make him feel insecure about his wife.

Second Hand is a short comedy directed by Navjot Gulati, who also helmed the Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall starrer Jai Mummy Di, which released earlier this year.

ZEE5 is an Indian video on demand website which has a list of films ready to entertain us no less in these hard times. The production for this ZEE5 original started last year.

Here’s the official trailer:

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