Strawberry Shake: A sweet tale of friendship on ZEE5

Zee5 inaugurates its short film festival today, April 15, with Strawberry Shake, the story of a sweet friendship, as one of the nine new and diverse originals. 

This short film is set to break entertainment stereotypes by captivating the audience with a fairly common, simple yet complex subject: A single father (Sumeet Raghavan) trying to raise her teenage daughter (Hruta Durgule), well, with a boyfriend in the situation. 

The trailer kicks-off with the father’s insecurities and apprehensions. After reading an article about ‘Friends before Parents!’, Raghavan tries to fist-bump Durgule. With a confused yet sweet look, Durgule takes off for school.

Later in the trailer, Durgule brings a friend home and shortly after announces him as her boyfriend. Unsure of how to react, Raghavan checks the boyfriend’s school I-card and retreats his steps.

Strawberry Shake promises to bring some relatable and sweet content to the table, bringing joy at every take. 

Watch the trailer below:

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