How About A Kiss?: ZEE5 film explores difference between love and attachment

ZEE5 released the trailer for How About A Kiss?, a short film that is part of its short film festival, set to premiere on 15 April.

The trailer shows that the story revolves around a girl, Pari, who is suffering from depression. Her life changes when she finds a guide in her teacher, Professor Anand, a man who teaches her to welcome life with open arms and tries to help her come out of depression.

Her friendship with her teacher becomes complicated when she develops feelings for him. The film will try to deal with this theme of student-teacher love while at the same time tackling mental health issues. 

Is this a transient attachment born out of gratitude or is it true love? The film will question these complex feelings and the viewers may or may not find the answers. 

How About A Kiss? is directed by Satarupa Sanyal, and it stars Ritabhari Chakraborty and Rajat Kapoor. 

Check out the trailer for How About A Kiss? here:

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