Svah! So Be It: A guarded secret takes centre stage in this ZEE5 short film

ZEE5 is set to release Svah! So Be It on April 15 as part of its short film festival. It will be one of nine titles that the platform is pushing as its new originals.

The short film is based on a woman who wants to get married, but holds some secret. Her family desperately tries to hide any evidence as they meet the boy’s family.

Directed by Gauri Daswani, Svah! So Be It stars Shriya Pilgaonkar, Rajit Kapur and Shilpa Tulaskar.

The trailer introduces us to Asawari (Pilgaonkar), whose mother tells her that they’ll be taking no chances this time around. She replies that all evidences have been erased, why is she tensed now?

It then goes on to show the uneasiness in the air as the two families meet. Will the secret come out? If yes, what are the repercussions?

With the coronavirus crisis taking over the world, every streaming platform is enjoying a surge in viewership. But there also comes the challenge of creating new content, with all shooting on halt.

Programming Head of ZEE5 India Aparna Acharekar said in a statement:

“We are looking forward to premiering the Short Film Festival on April 15. Given the current scenario, the team at ZEE5 is pushing boundaries to provide its audience with unparalleled entertainment. The nine short films will also touch upon diverse conversation topics.”

Here’s the trailer for Svah! So Be It:

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