Half Full: ZEE5 short film delves into different perspectives

ZEE5 has released its new short film Half Full, starring acclaimed actors Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey. It is part of ZEE5 Short Film Festival’s nine titles.

Directed by Karan Rawal, Half Full is based on a young man (Massey), who is undergoing internal conflict. One fine night, he meets an old man (Shah) and the ensuing conversation leads to some sarcastic and vague questions.

It will provide the viewers with two varying perspectives. The two characters at the centre of its narrative come from distinct worlds.

The trailer shows the young man looking at a clock with uneasiness. There’s only 20 minutes left before it strikes 12. The older man knocks on his door and asks for help because his car has broken down.

As the former brings him water, he is found peeping into the belongings at the house. The old man then looks at the same clock, there are only 15 minutes till 12.

While the trailer doesn’t give out much, it does hint at the difference between the two characters.

How do you see a glass? Half empty or ‘Half Full’?

The acclaimed short film, which made rounds at festivals last year, was even considered for entry into the Oscars.

It won at ShortsTV’s Best of India Short Film Festival 2019.

Talking about the victory, Shah said in a statement:

“It’s a proud moment for the entire cast and crew of Half Full. I am happy to note that discerning Indian audiences are moving towards short format content and ShortsTV has taken this initiative to provide an ideal platform to Indian filmmakers and actors. I am also glad that we finally have a destination where one can watch the best of curated short format content from across the world.”

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