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Envoy (Noun): a messenger or representative

We are messengers from the video streaming industry. The world has witnessed a streaming war over the last few years. And yet, we noticed there isn’t a publishing platform that focuses solely on streaming. That’s where The Envoy Web comes in.

There’s a general notion that entertainment writing requires lower editorial standards compared to other beats. We’re here to change that. The Envoy Web manifests what streaming content has taught us; content is king.

Co-founded by master’s graduates in Online Journalism from London’s University of Westminster, our platform doesn’t compromise on any of the best journalistic practices.

The Envoy Web aims to be a pioneer in next-gen ‘streaming journalism’. The ultimate source for the latest news, reviews and more from the rapidly growing world of video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and Apple TV+.

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Anweshak Tejendra (Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder)
Contact: anweshak.tejendra@gmail.com

Prabal Sharma (Editorial Head and Co-Founder)
Contact: prabalsharma15@gmail.com

Nadeem Abdul (Editor)
Contact: nadeemabdul1912@gmail.com

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Email: contact@theenvoyweb.com

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