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Happily Ever After episode 2 review: Complications arise

*Heavy spoilers ahead*

Make sure to watch the episode before you read this:

Every relationship faces its own set of issues. It’s how they’re solved that proves whether two people can last the distance or not.

While the first episode focused more on the financial issue of Roneet and Avni’s wedding, this one sheds light on other complications.

There’s a hilarious sequence where Roneet meets Avni’s family for the first time and the reactions of a typical Indian household is shown in a comical manner.

Avni’s uncle just cannot fathom the idea of the couple living together, while her grandmother wants to see the two getting married before she dies. Hands up if you’ve heard this before.

There’s also the problem of priorities. With a limited budget, how does a couple decide where to put their money? Are both their priorities aligned? All this is highlighted well through the episode.

Thankfully, this episode has lesser ads than the last one. And even though that one face cream ad placement was cringey, it didn’t break the narrative.

Naveen Kasturia and Harshita Gaur, as Roneet and Avni respectively, bring a certain charm to the pair, and you don’t mind the lack of any other significant characters because of their chemistry.

There’s also a scene where the two hit a roadblock when their thoughts on marriage don’t match. This is where you realise the show isn’t just about the struggles of organising a millennial wedding.

For all that works, the idea of them going on a break is a bit cliched. You’ve seen this happen constantly In western sitcoms and, according to the next episode promo, this will take a familiar route.

The second episode will make you eager to know what happens next. You’re rooting for this couple, and now you’ll see it hasn’t been an easy journey to the present day marriage scenario. But that’s what relationships are all about, and that’s normal.

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