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Happily Ever After episode 6 review: A new start

*Spoiler Alert*

Make sure to watch the episode before reading:

Happily Ever After looked to be losing direction with the recent few episodes. Too little of the lead pair Roneet (Naveen Kasturia) and Avani (Harshita Gaur), and too much screen time on other characters were a few of the problems.

This episode seems to eliminate a bit of the issues. Yes, the couple still has financial troubles during their destination wedding. But it’s not as ‘in your face’ as before.

There’s also some respite in the past timeline where the couple had broken up. After many complications, they finally rekindle.

The wedding scenario isn’t as smooth though. There are multiple issues addressed during episode 6. Roneet’s cousin, 15-year-old Riva, is shown to be struggling with her sexual orientation and how it’s still a social taboo.

And out of the blue Avani’s aunt passes away after suffering a stroke. This changes the entire mood of the wedding, with many relatives pressurising the couple to abandon their wedding.

Roneet and Avani themselves decide to call it off, despite the huge financial burden they already find themselves under. It’s only with the timely intervention of a video shot of her aunt which saved the wedding.

While the problems that arise are genuine, it feels like too much has been stuffed into one episode. Each of these issues could have been given more time and attention. It’s all a bit rushed at times.

What began with the promise of being a portrayal of problems faced during millennial weddings has put way too much on its plate. A lot of the obstacles are huge, but look like they’ve been forced into the narrative to bring more twists.

Nonetheless, the series seems to have regained direction after a few wobbly episodes. With two episodes to go, a strong ending could prove saviour.

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