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Happily Ever After episode 8 review: All’s well that ends well

*Spoiler Alert*

Make sure to watch the episode before reading:

Happily Ever After is a curious web series indeed. The concept is relatable and the start was promising. It seemed like a light and humorous watch coupled with the issues faced during big fat weddings.

However, as the episodes went by, the narrative began focussing too much on the financial issues and other characters, even though the couple-in-focus Roneet (Naveen Kasturia) and Avani (Harshita Gaur) were clearly the most interesting part.

In the last few episodes, the plot finally found its way back. The focus was back on the pair and the wedding issues felt genuine.

The finale actually manages to make a great point. The couple’s ambition of a big fat Indian wedding was way out of their budget. And yet, they were persistent with their loans and depleting savings just to get over the line.

After days of ruckus created by their relatives and coming under crippling debt, Roneet and Avani finally begin to question whether it was all worth it. All the relatives are sent back and the wedding is called off.

Flash forward to 6 months later. The couple has opted for a small wedding in the company of their close friends and relatives.

The lesson is obvious. There is nothing wrong with wishing for a big fat wedding. But one needs to be practical and evaluate their situation. Few can afford this kind of scale, and that’s fine.

The only indispensable part of the wedding are the bride and groom themselves. The rest is all up to desire. This is something the web series manages to bring forth effectively. Roneet and Avani are clearly happiest during their small wedding.

That said, a lot more could have been achieved over the course of eight episodes. There’s so much that goes behind a wedding, just look at how well shows like Made In Heaven explore these issues.

The current storyline was stretched to fit the episodes. This story could have easily been told in five episodes.

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