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Happily Ever After episode 7 review: What happens now?

*Spoiler Alert*

Make sure to watch the episode before reading:

Episode 6 of Happily Ever After managed to regain direction for the series after the web series began looking a bit below par. One of the biggest strengths was the renewed focus on the lead couple Roneet (Naveen Kasturia) and Avani (Harshita Gaur).

This episode carries that forward. The narrative finally seems to be back to focus on the obstacles faced by the couple during their destination wedding instead of dwelling on other characters.

Back in the past, the couple finally decides to get married and we’re now up to date with the journey of Roneet and Avani from when they first met to the day of the proposal.

The wedding, however, is starting to face real troubles. It was hard enough for the two to decide to get married after the death of Avani’s aunt. Now, there’s MORE financial trouble.

Yes, couples do face financial issues during big fat weddings, but Happily Ever After seems to give 90% of its attention to these issues. This could be partly due to SBI sponsoring the web series, but there needs to be a balance.

The highlights of the episode are the human altercations. There’s genuine uneasiness when the relatives of the bride and groom begin to argue with each other. It brings forth what all can derail a wedding. It’s rarely just up to the couple.

Speaking of the bride and groom, their own ride is far from smooth. The scene where the two argue relentlessly give Kasturia and Gaur a rare opportunity to remind the audience just how well they can perform.

There’s a level of seriousness throughout the episode 7. While that suits the narrative, a bit of levity could have helped considering the web series mostly has a lighter tone.

Overall, the episode seems well-suited as the penultimate entry. The marriage looks doubtful, and the viewers will be eager to see exactly how it pans out.

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