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Happily Ever After episode 3 review: Trouble in paradise

*Spoilers ahead*

Here’s the episode if you haven’t watched it yet:

The last episode of Happily Ever After ended with the couple-in-focus, Roneet (Naveen Kasturia) and Avni (Harshita Gaur), taking a break months before the present day after realising that their thoughts on marriage don’t match.

And what happens in sitcoms when couples are on a break? One of them goes off and does something stupid. Meet the culprit Roneet who sleeps with another girl.

Hats off to the writers who actually address this with a reference to the Ross and Rachel situation in Friends. They’re aware of the cliche and that’s what elevates what could otherwise have been tiring to watch again.

It’s refreshing to see that the woman Roneet sleeps with actually supports Avni and isn’t trying to steal him. Yes, that can also happen.

Flash forward to the current wedding scenario and there’s trouble brewing here as well. The decor isn’t up to the standard and Avni’s uninvited relatives have decided to crash the wedding.

The episode has a few hilarious punchlines, and the lead pair’s charm remain consistent. Kasturia and Gaur are the heart of this web series and the casting seems inspiring.

The constant timeline jumps, although clearly executed, is getting a bit tiresome with each episode. Viewers with shorter attention spans could easily be lost on what time period is being shown due to so many jumps.

The ads continue to pop up at regular intervals but seem to be better transitioned than the initial episode.

The series will definitely be well-received by viewers looking for lighter content but really doesn’t bring anything brand new. Let’s see if that changes in the following episodes.

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