Sunny Side Upar (Flipkart Video): The bright side of life

We spend our entire lives chasing happiness but sometimes it’s in the little things. Sunny Side Upar is here to remind us of that.

The bite-sized trailer shows a doctor working at the Fortis Cancer Institute. She is being wooed by her boyfriend who supposedly keeps proposing to her for marriage.

The scene then cuts to her receiving a phone call from ‘Veer’ who gives her some terrible news. Things get emotional as we see the doctor going through various tasks while comforting patients in her ward.

Sunny Side Upar has been directed by Vijayeta Kumar and is a part of seven short films created by Sikhya Entertainment for Flipkart Video as part of a collaboration called Zindagi inShort.

The short movie will be available to stream on the Flipkart app starting today. Check out the trailer:

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