Nano So Phobia (Flipkart Video): When your nightmare becomes your reality

Fear resides in every human being, but when that fear starts dictating one’s life, the line between reality and nightmares gets blurred. Nano So Phobia is a short film that explores the idea of fear clouding a woman’s reality.

The film is a part of an anthology, Zindagi inShort, of seven stories by Flipkart Video. The trailer opens with an old woman watching television on a lazy afternoon when suddenly she sees the events on-screen being replicated in real life.

A man with a dagger appears before her, whom she recognises as “Rancho”, and threatens her. The woman rushes to get help, but the security guard refuses to believe her as it seems like she is imagining these events.

The trailer showcases the woman’s phobia in a light-hearted manner while promising to address the problem of irrational fears. It seems like the story will provide the viewers a moment of hope as the old woman is seen embracing a young woman at the end of the trailer.  

The film stars Swaroop Sampat in the lead role while stars like Nidhi Singh, Arun Kushwah, Jagdish Nandi and Hiral Parekh also appear in the film. The film is directed by Rakesh Sain and written by National Award-winning writer, Yogesh Chandekar.

Check out the trailer for Nano So Phobia here:

Zindagi inShort is now streaming on Flipkart Video.

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