Pinni (Flipkart Video): Dessert and disharmony

Can a person only be known for what they do? Or are they something more? Flipkart’s upcoming short film ‘Pinni’ tells one such story.

The short trailer shows a married woman (Neena Gupta) making Pinni; a Punjabi dessert with love. However, time after time she is cut off from conversations by her daughter and husband who only seem to care about the dish.

The second half of the trailer shows her remaking Pinni while telling someone on a call that she has never tasted her own creation.

The trailer explores the diffident woman and how she feels as she is reduced to a single sweet dish.

The short film has been directed by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana and is a part of Zindagi inShort; a collection of short films based on various elements of life. The anthology has been produced by Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment.

Pinni, along with six other short films, will be available to stream on Flipkart Video on 19th February. Check out the trailer:

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