Torbaaz: Netflix to stream Sanjay Dutt starrer

Netflix released the trailer of Torbaaz, an upcoming Hindi action thriller film which will be available for streaming on the platform from December 11, 2020.

It stars Sanjay Dutt, Nargis Fakhri, Rahul Dev, Gavie Chahal, Pransh Chopra, Humayoon Shams Khan, Rahul Mittra, and Rockey Raina.

The story revolves around a doctor who makes it his mission to bring peace and joy to the children residing in an Afghanistan refugee camp by coaching them in cricket.

The trailer of Torbaaz starts with a determined Nasser Khan (portrayed by Dutt) declaring that he wants to start a cricket training camp for children. For this ex-Army doctor, nothing is more important than working for the betterment of children of the refugee camps, especially after losing his wife and child there.

But to bring his plans to a nought is the character portrayed by Dev, whose sole aim is to decimate the western forces attacking them. An aim which he seeks to achieve by creating children suicide bombers.

As a leader of a fundamentalist group, Dev’s character believes in martyrdom over death. In turn, he trains the children too into believing that there is glory in the afterlife, provided they kill their ‘enemies’.

Torbaaz is a story of believing that there is hope, even in the midst of all the turmoil. A story of a man who rises above his personal tragedy to give hope to a bunch of kids who otherwise stare at a bleak to no future.

There are bombings and cricket matches, medical camps and suicide bombers, innocence and violence, a constant tussle between optimism and despair. A tale which brings to light the first victims of terrorism, the kids in a refugee camp who don’t get to experience a normal childhood.

The film will mark the actor’s comeback to the screen after he successfully recovered from his illness earlier this year. Speaking about his Netflix debut, Dutt said:

“The story of Torbaaz is closely aligned with the reality of Afghanistan, and the beautiful depiction of cricket as a means of deliverance is as true for the children as it is for my character, Nasser Khan, who bounces back from personal tragedy.”

“I am truly grateful for all the love and support that I have received over the past few months, and I am glad to be returning to the screen with this powerful film. We have a strong partner in Netflix and am glad that the film will reach discerning audiences around the world, where the story can resonate across boundaries.”

It will also be his second OTT release, after Sadak 2, and will be followed by his next release, Bhuj: The Pride of India.

This will also be Dev’s return to the Hindi film world in a major production after three years. He was last seen in a dramedy, Who’s Your Daddy?, and Raat Baaki Hai.

Torbaaz is the second venture of actor-turned-film director Girish Malik, whose previous directorial outing – Jal – was accepted by the audience and cinema aficionados with critical acclaim.

Written by Bharti Jakhar and Girish Malik, it is the first film to have been partly shot in Bishkek, the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Apart from there, it was shot in Afghanistan, the film being set in Kabul, and lastly shot near Spiti, Manali, and Punjab in India.

Earlier scheduled to be released in theatres, Torbaaz opted for the digital route following the lockdown and subsequent closure of theatres due to the pandemic.

Watch the dramatic and thrilling official trailer of Torbaaz here:

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