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Who’s Your Daddy? review: A breezy comedy

ALTBalaji and Zee5’s Who’s Your Daddy? encircles three generations, exploring different personalities and exploring their escapades with lots of fun moments that keep the viewer’s interest intact all throughout the 12 episodes.


Who’s Your Daddy? starts with Tidda (Nikhil Bhambri) asking his father Soggy (Harsh Beniwal) about his past in an effort to find out more about his mother. Soggy bares his entire love story, that took place in 2002, before his son. He starts with his affair with Mehak (Divinaa Thackur).

Soggy as part of his DVD rental business encounters many strange situations and comes across the queen trio, Chhibber (Anveshi Jain), Pammi (Lizaa Malik) and Dr Das (Kasturi Banerjee) who like to watch porn, with Soggy supplying them the latest stuff discreetly. 

Soggy’s father, Prem Singh (Rahul Dev), enters into the DVD business which changes the course of the entire story. The three ladies are smitten by his charm and start wooing him. Prem gets unintentionally influenced by the queen trio kicking off a laugh riot and the unfolding of events gets interesting with an unexpected outcome in the end.


Rahul Dev once again displays his versatility with a blemish less performance which catapults the show to another level. His comedy timing, voice modulation and clarity in expression are simply amazing.

Harsh Beniwal, who is familiar to all YouTube regulars, plays the character of Soggy to perfection adding more fun elements to the story.

The ravishing Anveshi Jain and Divinaa Thackur have done extremely well with their characters. Special mention should be made about Nirmal Rishi who plays Biji (Prem’s mother) for her superb performance.


Though it has shades of an adult comedy in the beginning, Who’s Your Daddy? is an excellent entertainer with many scenes that are capable of keeping the viewers glued. The story writer and director Chirag Arora has done a wonderful job in weaving a thoroughly enjoyable show. Jatin Dua’s screenplay also adds to positives of the series.

Ashish Rego and Akriti Kakkar’s scintillating background score deserves applause for its effective contribution.


The Punjabi lingo which has been used quite often by all characters especially Rahul Dev may restrict the reach of the series (keeping in mind the nationwide popularity of Dev). As there are no subtitles, it can be difficult for a non-Punjabi to understand the slang.

Worth it?

While the uber cool performance of Dev is the winning point, the histrionics of Beniwal make way for many fun moments. A subtle jab at relationships, Who’s Your Daddy? a must watch.  

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