TVF Pitchers season 2: What happened to the sequel?

What? You quit your job? Who quits their job? What are you going to do with your life? Are you not aware of what a financially secured life and a regular income mean?!

Wondering how similar the above questions sound? Bet you have heard it once in your middle-class life. Because that is how Indian parents roll. Heck, that is how parents worldwide react whenever they hear their not so tiny tots about to take risks in life.

TVF Pitchers is a web series which started its first episode with a quote by the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg:

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

And that is how TVF Pitchers went on to become a show that is loved by one and all and managed to achieve the status of a cult classic.

While the first season premiered on The Viral Fever’s streaming platform TVFPlay, it is now available for free viewing on MX Player as well.

Be like beer and let yourself flow

Created by The Viral Fever, this TVF Original was developed by Arunabh Kumar. It is an Indian comic drama web series that follows the lives of four friends, Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal.

The five-episode web series depicted the journey of four young and ambitious entrepreneurs who quit their daily jobs in order to pursue their dream of developing their own start-up.

When the release of its first trailer led the web series being compared to the American television show Silicon Valley, Kumar refuted it by saying that not in content, but in spirit TVF Pitchers is more like Entourage.

To someone who is familiar with The Viral Fever and its meteoric rise in the Indian digital space, the web series felt more like either a story inspired from how the company itself came to be or a droll parody of the quintessential Indian middle-class worker.

And then there were many

Pitched to the audience on June 9, 2015, when the first episode graced the smallest of our screens, it created a revolution in the Indian OTT space. It had only been a few months since Permanent Roommates, India’s first web series, had premiered on the YouTube channel of The Viral Fever.

It goes without saying that the Indian audience was hungry for more, what with the advent of the web series and the new start-up culture that had our country in its grip then. It indeed translated to many viewers who hearted TVF Pitchers and couldn’t wait for more.

The jury is still out …

… about when Season Two of TVF Pitchers will finally arrive. The first season’s final episode aired on August 30, 2015. A few months since then, there has been a frenzy as to when Season Two will debut, especially after the way things ended in Season One.

There was finally some news in December 2016, when a teaser revealed that TVF Pitchers will be returning with Season Two to entertain us in 2017. It’s been three years since then, but there is still no concrete news about whether it is happening or when it will actually happen.

The bulb dimmed …

… Was it due to the boss? TVF Pitchers is the brainwave of Arunabh Kumar, who is also the founder of The Viral Fever.

Kumar was also the CEO of The Viral Fever – an online entertainment source that works upon presenting social issues in an entertaining way – but had later stepped down after sexual harassment charges were levelled against him by a former employee and several other women.

It all went down in 2017 itself and that is thought to be the primary reason why Season Two of the web series was stalled, seeing that Kumar had a starring role, both onscreen and off it.

Kumar denied all the allegations made against him. Further, he cited the good name of TVF being tarnished as the reason for him stepping down as the CEO, even though he will continue as a mentor to the content team.

Other members of TVF, including his long-time friends and subsequent colleagues Amit Golani and Biswapati Sarkar, also came out with tweets and statements about the allegations against Kumar being baseless. His co-stars of TVF Pitchers Maanvi Gagroo, Jitendra Kumar, and Naveen Kasturia all had only good things to say about him.

Will magic happen soon?

An anonymous blog post started it all, back in 2017. While the allegations are yet to be proved in the eyes of law, there are talks of Kumar returning to TVF.

It is quite presumptuous to think that this show caters to the middle class. But, the web series does give one a whiff of the typical Indian middle-class’ constant fight over making safe vs risky choices in life.

With so many pointers that hint towards a comeback, can we then expect TVF Pitchers Season Two to debut soon?

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