Permanent Roommates renewed as an audio-show

After delivering two successful seasons, The Viral Fever’s Permanent Roommates has made its comeback in the form of an audio-show, Permanent Roommates – He Said, She Said.

This time the show has a season comprising 20 episodes. It will portray the special aspects of Tanya and Mikesh’s relationship as they go about their everyday lives and the little eccentricities that make their relationship special.

These episodes narrate the events that take place between the first and the second season. The audience will get to experience these moments with the characters through a new medium.

Actor Sumeet Vyas, who plays the character of Mikesh, talked about the transition from a visual medium to audio. He found the transition liberating as in an audio-show, the actors are not restricted by their looks. In case of the audience, he stated:

It’s going to be very liberating as the visuals will not bind them. They will be able to use their vivid imagination when it comes to details of what the character is wearing, where they are, etc. It’s going to be more like reading a book.

Along with Vyas, Nidhi Singh, who plays the character of Tanya, has also starred in the audio-series. Permanent Roommates is now available free of charge on Audible Suno.

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