Edward Homm: Rabbit Hole character explained

In Rabbit Hole, Edward Homm, who was initially a target during one of Weir’s missions, later ends up joining Weir in bringing Crowley down. Rob Yang plays Homm.

Edward Homm is the Treasury Department investigator who was working on the Luxbrant case. Valence had asked Weir to save Luxbrant from the investigation into their finances led by the Treasury Department.

In order to do so, Weir’s team needed to show that the Treasury Department is working with Luxbrant’s rivals, the Banomar Group. Weir’s team brought Homm and the CEO of the Banomar Group, Dana Heinrich, together. They made them have an exchange and captured their photos to prove that they both are working together.

What Weir’s team didn’t know is that Valence had also ordered Weir to kill Homm. The news of Homm’s death and Weir being the killer starts broadcasting everywhere.

The only catch is that Weir never killed Homm. He kept him alive as a backup. Weir and his father, Ben, are keeping Homm alive because the man they are hunting down, Crowley, wants Homm dead, and they need to know why. They believe that one of Homm’s investigations may have touched a nerve and threatened Crowley’s interests.

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Why did Crowley want Homm dead?

In the fourth episode of Rabbit Hole, after gaining access to Valence’s communications data, Weir and Ben learn that he has been buying art and NFTs. Weir, who knows Valence inside and out, doesn’t understand his sudden interest in art.

Homm overhears their conversation and finally starts speaking. He says that through NFTs, Valence was getting paid. Homm also guesses that the e-mails sent to Valence are probably from a man named Elliot Gao.

Edward Homm: Rabbit Hole character explained 1
Homm shares what he knows about Valence’s NFTs

So it turns out that Homm was investigating Gao, who is a high-end money launderer—a billionaire who launders money for bigger billionaires.

Gao acts like a middle-man for those who want to move money easily and anonymously, which means Crowley is making use of Gao. Homm got too close to Gao, and that’s why Crowley started targeting Homm.

Considering that they all share the same interest, Homm joins Weir’s team to take Crowley down.

Homm’s nature, family, and skills

For revealing all the information he had, all Homm asked was to see his wife, Stacey. He is certainly not allowed to meet her, but through a camera installed in his house, he gets to see her.

It is revealed that Homm is more of a family man who only cares about his wife and his work. Homm observes that Stacey isn’t really sad about losing him, and he likes to think that she is trying to stay strong.

Everyone, except for Homm, easily guesses that she has moved on with someone else. When Homm finally sees Stacey making out with their neighbor, Kevin, it destroys him.

Weir motivates Homm by reminding him what will happen once he solves the biggest money laundering case in the country; he is going to be a hero who will receive a raise and will be awarded some medals too.

Upon hearing that, Homm focuses on the mission at hand and, despite being an amateur, exceeds expectations. At Elliot Gao’s party, where Weir and Ben plan to capture Crowley, he deceives people by following Weir around and even takes out a person when required.

Though Homm comes out as more of a comic relief, he has continued to aid Weir’s team as a Tier Five Forensic Accountant. Using his skills, he digs out which politician Crowley owns.

Now that Weir’s team is dead, he is working with this new team of misfits that includes Homm and Hailey; they might not be professionals, but they are quick learners and adept in their fields.

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