Thanos: Maestro in Blue character explained

In Maestro in Blue, Thanos is Klelia’s boyfriend, but Klelia does love him. Dimitris Kitsos plays Thanos.

Klelia is in love with Orestis, but due to their age difference, her parents do not accept their relationship. 

On the other hand, Thanos, who is studying medicine in Athens and is Klelia’s age, is considered her perfect match by her parents.

Although Thanos likes Klelia and her parents approve of him, Klelia cannot bring herself to reciprocate his feelings

Unrequited love

When Klelia realizes that she cannot get over Orestis, no matter how much she tries to move on with Thanos, she takes advantage of the fact that her parents like him. 

She lies to both her parents and Thanos to follow Orestis to Corfu, much to her father’s displeasure. 

Thanos can tell that Klelia is not happy with him, and he questions her about it. He suspects Klelia of having feelings for Orestis, but Klelia denies it. 

Klelia continues meeting Orestis behind Thanos’ back until he catches on and gives her an ultimatum to choose between himself and Orestis. 

As Klelia chooses to go after Orestis rather than stay with Thanos, the two of them break up against Thanos’ wishes. However, Thanos does not give up hope. 

He keeps waiting for Klelia to return to him, believing that one day Orestis will lose interest and leave Klelia behind. 

As Thanos had expected, Orestis eventually leaves the island, though not for the reasons Thanos had imagined. 

Thanos comforts a heartbroken Klelia and they get back together, giving their relationship a second chance.

A toxic relationship

After learning about Charalambos’ death, Klelia moves to Athens with her brother and gets closer to Thanos, who lives there. 

Initially, she is happy with him, but she soon realizes that Thanos is not the good man everyone thought he was. 

He does not understand Klelia or Antonis. Klelia and Thanos often argue because they do not see eye to eye. 

Furthermore, he keeps getting jealous of Orestis, even though Klelia and Orestis are now focusing on their separate lives. 

Thanos believes Klelia sees him as a backup and keeps accusing her of being with him only for his money. 

Maestro in Blue Thanos
Thanos apologizes to Klelia after hurting her

He becomes emotionally abusive, often insulting Klelia and then apologizing to prevent her from leaving. Ironically, he accuses her of cheating on him when he is the one cheating on her. 

Klelia realizes that her relationship with Thanos is making her unhappy when he proposes to her. Klelia is not ready to get married, which leads to Thanos insulting her yet again. 

Realizing that she will always be afraid in this relationship, Klelia, deeply hurt by his accusations, breaks up with Thanos.

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