John Weir’s team’s death in Rabbit Hole episode 5 explained

In Rabbit Hole episode 5, it is revealed that John Weir’s team planned to fake their deaths to go undercover. Weir looked forward to bringing them back when needed, only to later learn that his team is actually dead.

The fifth episode of Rabbit Hole goes back eleven days. Weir’s team waited for someone named Tom to arrive. It turns out that Tom isn’t a person; it is going to be an operation.

Weir wanted his team, excluding the intern, Kyle, to go under the radar. Weir had figured out that the intern is a plant working for either Madi or Crowley. Anyhow, he was going to be their perfect police witness.

Weir’s team will fake their deaths and receive new identities. He planned to have their fake deaths be part of an explosion at his office.

To make sure that everything about their deaths looked legit, the team prepared DNA samples belonging to them and an explosion that would only take out their floor.

Once Weir got framed for the death of Homm, he thought that the plan was successful as he saw his office blow into pieces right in front of his eyes, but that’s not the case.

Crowley finds out that Ben is alive, and Weir thinks of bringing his team back as they are one step behind and he needs skilled people. Weir’s father, Ben, insists that they shouldn’t involve more people, as it will risk more exposure.

Weir still sends a message to Cara, one of his teammates, and gets back to calling the people who might have contacted Valence before his death. He then learns that one of the calls came from Ben, who is probably hiding something.

The failure of Weir’s team’s plan

Weir confronts Ben, and he eventually reveals what really went down. Ben was always against keeping the intern, Kyle, alive, especially with the fact that they know he is a plant. Weir wasn’t ready to kill anyone unnecessarily.

Ben had tried following Kyle to see who he is meeting. Ben didn’t expect Kyle to be trained and dangerous. Kyle noticed that Ben was following him. He blindsided Ben and almost killed him. The presence of another person around forced Kyle to let Ben go.

The man Kyle is working for ordered him to kill Weir’s team now that they know his secret. Ben went back to warn Weir’s team, but he was late. Kyle had already made his way up and killed every member present at the office.

John Weir's team's death in Rabbit Hole episode 5 explained 1
The intern kills Weir’s team

He dragged their bodies and pushed them down the elevators. While Kyle was busy doing this, Ben decided to distract him by placing fake dead bodies in the office. He then triggered the explosion they had originally planned.

Ben’s attempt to kill Kyle failed as he barely survived the explosion. Ben also called Valence to warn him. Valence said that he had no choice before jumping off the building, which suggests that he had turned on Weir and Ben.

The revelation leaves Weir in shock. Ben kept this away from Weir to have him focused on their main goal.

Agent Jo Madi discovers the dead bodies of Weir’s team in the same elevator after tracking Cara’s phone down. Kyle, on the other hand, hasn’t forgotten about killing them either. Their deaths do haunt him, considering that he is so young.

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