Spyros Bantis: Maestro in Blue character explained

In Maestro in Blue, Charalambos’ son, Spyros, cannot live the life he wants or accept himself because of his father. Yorgos Benos plays Spyros Bantis. 

Spyros grew up in an abusive household where his father, Charalambos, physically abused both him and his mother. 

Charalambos controlled Spyros’ life by imposing his own ideas on his son, making it difficult for Spyros to accept his truth.

Spyros struggles to accept himself

Spyros is in love with his childhood best friend, Antonis, but he keeps denying his feelings, hurting both himself and Antonis. 

Spyros sleeps around with women to convince himself and the world that he is straight, even getting a girlfriend named Yianna. 

It is his homophobic father’s fear and influence that prevent him from accepting his feelings for Antonis, despite feeling truly himself only when he is with Antonis.

Spyros attempts to stand up to his father to protect his mother, but he cannot do much to stop his father from hurting her. 

He then finds himself slowly mirroring his father’s behavior. He starts embracing his father’s warped definition of masculinity, resulting in him hitting his girlfriend and agreeing to join his father’s illegal activities. 

However, the guilt of his actions weighs heavily on him, and he seeks comfort in his mother and Antonis, whom he fails to stay away from.

Eventually, when Antonis becomes weary of Spyros’ refusal to accept their relationship, Spyros comes out to Antonis’ family for the first time. 

Maestro in Blue Spyros
Spyros comes out to Antonis’ family

Just when Spyros and Antonis are happy together, Charalambos sees them together and nearly kills Spyros. Antonis manages to stop him by shooting him dead.

Spyros does not get much time to mourn his father’s death, as he has to accompany Orestis and Fanis to dispose of the body.

Spyros tries to move forward

Charalambos’ death changes things between Spyros and Antonis. Spyros no longer wants to be with Antonis, fearing that someone might see them together and become suspicious.

This leads to Antonis moving to Athens. Spyros stays behind on the island and suffers alone, still haunted by his father’s memories.

Spyros tries to move on from the traumatic event and from Antonis by pursuing a serious relationship with Yianna, who moves in with him. 

However, he finds it impossible to love her the way he loves Antonis. He cannot help but comfort Antonis when he contacts him from Athens.

Spyros also agrees to be his father’s replacement in Fanis’ illegal business to provide for his mother and girlfriend. 

He keeps the gun that Antonis used to kill his father as leverage in case Fanis tries to frame him for all these crimes in the future. 

However, it becomes evident that Spyros would never harm Antonis in any way when he asks his mother to do as Fanis says to protect Antonis.

Demosthenes’ investigation into Charalambos’ murder brings Antonis back to the island and leads to Spyros refusing to work for Fanis. 

Spyros and Antonis reunite, and the two of them realize that they still love each other. Spyros is no longer alone, as he now has Antonis with him.

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