Fanis: Maestro in Blue character explained

In Maestro in Blue, Fanis, played by Fanis Mouratidis, is the Mayor of Paxos whose involvement in illegal activities costs him his life. 

Fanis is Klelia and Antonis’ father. To the residents of Paxos, Fanis appears to be a self-made successful businessman with a picture-perfect family. 

He is well-liked by the island’s residents because he seems to want the best for the community and works hard to achieve it. However, this is all for show. 

In reality, Fanis launders money for criminals and is involved in other illegal activities, including trafficking. 

His wife, Sofia, is aware of his business dealings and reluctantly helps him cover up for the sake of their family’s safety.

Maintaining the image of a perfect family

Although Fanis loves his children, he does not approve of Klelia dating Orestis or Antonis being gay because he believes it brings shame to the family.

This causes problems between him and his children. Fanis’ family is far from the happy image everyone believes it to be.

As Fanis is running for mayor, it is imperative that his reputation remains intact for him to win. Then, his children discover his illegal activities and lose respect for him.

Sofia wants Fanis to stop laundering money for dangerous people, but Fanis claims he has no choice and cannot back out. 

He believes that once he becomes mayor, it will be easier for him to conduct his illegal business. 

Problems arise when Charalambos, who does all of Fanis’ dirty work, starts blackmailing him before the elections. 

Although Fanis manages to silence him by giving in to his demands, he soon faces a more difficult problem.

The consequences of Fanis’ mistakes

Charalambos is killed by Antonis in self-defense. Instead of reporting the murder, Fanis hides the body with Orestis’ help to keep his image clean and his business under wraps. 

This leads to many people getting involved in concealing a crime that should not have been concealed, as Antonis would not have been prosecuted for killing a man in self-defense.

Fanis eventually becomes mayor, but he loses his family. His wife leaves him to live with Michalis, and his children move to Athens. 

Additionally, Sofia sets fire to the black money he keeps in his cellars when she realizes that he has no intention of ending his illegal business. 

Fanis is left in Paxos all by himself. On top of that, he struggles to make deliveries on time, displeasing the Italians he works for.

Maestro in Blue Fanis
Fanis is warned when he fails to make deliveries

To add to his problems, an investigator named Demosthenes, who is aware of Fanis’ illegal activities, comes to Paxos to investigate Charalambos’ death. 

While Fanis still does not come clean to the police, he admits to his son that he mishandled the situation and only did it to protect him. 

Demosthenes aims to expose Fanis’ crimes, and he is not the only one; Michalis also wants to report him. 

Before Demosthenes can expose him, Fanis, who was previously warned by the Italians, is killed when he fails to deliver the results they want.

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