Teen Wolf: The Movie review: Aims to satisfy the die-hard fans

Teen Wolf: The Movie sees Scott and his pack fighting the Nogitsune again when an old friend of theirs comes back to life and starts hunting them down. The movie is now streaming on Paramount+.


Scott McCall is all grown up and lives in LA, helping Deaton from time to time. He is still the Alpha of his pack, which has been scattered over the years. They have all moved on with their lives.

The visions of Allison suddenly start haunting Scott and Chris Argent, with the latter believing that she is stuck between life and death. To help her, he suggests that they need to perform a ritual.

The pack comes back together for Allison, only to later realize that they are walking straight into the trap laid by their old enemy, the Nogitsune.

The ritual helps the pack bring Allison back to life. The only takeaway is that she no longer remembers anything or anyone. The Nogitsune manipulates her into believing that Scott and his pack are responsible for destroying her family.

With Allison hunting them down, Scott and his pack find themselves in a tricky position where they plan to defeat the Nogitsune but, at the same time, save Allison.


Teen Wolf: The Movie doesn’t force the cast members to bring out their best on screen. The cast members are aware of the nature of the original show and this movie.

The actors and actresses indulge in cheesy and corny conversations without putting in even an ounce of effort. The one thing that can be appreciated is that all of them have embraced their characters again for this movie to come true.


Teen Wolf: The Movie introduces an easy-going story where the viewer doesn’t have to put a lot of effort to understand what is going on.

The movie spends enough time establishing where Scott’s pack has been all these years. One can feel how far they all have come along.

The nostalgia element has played the most for Teen Wolf: The Movie. It has been used heavily and effectively. The movie is full of flashbacks that are brilliantly placed throughout the two-hour duration.

The film brings Scott and his pack together like never before. It’s simply appealing to see everyone using their abilities together to combat Nogitsune and his Oni.


The movie lacks depth. One can’t take Nogitsune seriously. He is created to look menacing but comes out as cartoonish on the screen. Teen Wolf: The Movie should’ve opted to introduce a new villain altogether.

The events in the movie feel rushed toward the conclusion. The movie forces everything together only to serve the fans what they were missing all these years.

This attempt sees Teen Wolf: The Movie losing its main focus. At times, it feels like this movie is a filler episode of the show.

The movie works strictly like a TV film and not like the films on the OTT platforms. It’s written and directed in such a way.


Teen Wolf: The Movie has a dedicated fanbase, and the movie’s only purpose is to satisfy the fans. These fans will wholeheartedly accept this film and ignore all the cheesy dialogue because this is how Teen Wolf has always been.

Teen Wolf: The Movie
Teen Wolf: The Movie review: Aims to satisfy the die-hard fans 1

Director: Russell Mulcahy

Date Created: 2023-01-26 13:30

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