Teen Wolf: The Movie ending explained: Who dies defeating the Nogitsune?

Teen Wolf: The Movie sees Scott and his pack coming back together to save one of their own and fight an old enemy that is looking for revenge. The movie is now streaming on Paramount+.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In Japan, a hooded figure steals a jar from Liam and Hikari to unleash the spirit of the Nogitsune. The hooded figure seeks retribution against Scott and his friends, and he strikes a deal with the Nogitsune to do that.

Back in LA, Scott McCall is now all grown up. He is still an Alpha and often helps Deaton. McCall’s pack is scattered. Everyone has moved on with their lives.

Scott sees visions of Allison all of a sudden on a rainy night. Chris Argent arrives on their doorstep to talk about the same. He is also suffering from flashes of Allison.

Argent accepts that Allison has died, but if there is something beyond this, she might be stuck between life and death. Argent knows about a ritual that will allow them to help Allison. In order to perform that, they need to head back to Beacon Hills.

Scott deduces that it means they might need the pack back together as well. Scott and his pack follow the ritual step by step. They are led to the Sacred Grove.

The pack finds it with a little help from Eli, Derek’s son, who has been struggling to transform into a werewolf. Derek has been pushing him for a while so that he will accept that he is a Hale.

Deaton suspects Argent, and it turns out that Argent was not in his right mind. Deaton fights him and takes out the Nogitsune inside him.

Back at the Sacred Grove, Allison comes back alive. The pack takes her to the hospital. Allison has lost all her memories, and she doesn’t remember anything or anyone.

The Nogitsune uses a vulnerable Allison and manipulates her into believing that Scott and his pack are responsible for destroying her family.

Allison then starts hunting Scott and his pack down. She eventually comes across Derek and Eli as well, and she tries to take them down too. Liam and Hikari make it in time to stop her.

Scott handles the responsibility of bringing Allison back to her senses. The rest of the pack fights Nogitsune’s Oni and ends up falling into a trap.

Lydia and Jackson investigate the hooded figure responsible for releasing the Nogitsune. He is now setting fire to nearby forests and collecting mountain ash.

Scott harms himself in order to convince Allison to remember who she was. It takes time, but she soon starts remembering bit by bit and joins hands with Scott to save his pack.

Meanwhile, the Nogitsune has kept Scott’s friends alive. He doesn’t plan to kill them. He wants them to watch the chaos he is bringing upon Scott.

The Nogitsune intends to repeat the event that killed Allison years ago. Only this time, instead of Allison, Scott will be the one who will be dying in Allison’s arms.

Teen Wolf: The Movie ending explained in detail:

Who is the hooded figure?

Lydia and Jackson continue to chase this hooded figure while Scott deals with the Nogitsune. The mountain ash spread by this hooded figure surrounds a Lacrosse ground, allowing no one to enter or exit the place.

Lydia and Jackson finally come face-to-face with the hooded figure on the same ground. He reveals himself to be Adrian Harris, their chemistry teacher.

He has been seeking revenge on Scott and his pack, and in order to do that, he turned to the Nogitsune. Adrian Harris wants Lydia to watch her friends die.

Lydia sees her best friend Allison fight by their side again. She screams out loud. These screams help Allison remember everything. By then, the Nogitsune manages to get hold of Scott’s pack in time.

How do Scott and his pack defeat the Nogitsune?

To save everyone else, Scott offers himself to the Nogitsune so that the spirit can satisfy himself. The Nogitsune gets tricked into believing that Scott is playing along with him to save his friends and his family.

Allison does hit Scott with her arrows on the Nogitsune’s command. The moment the Nogitsune’s Oni step back, Scott reveals that Hakari’s Fox Fire was protecting him all along.

The rest of Scott’s pack, led by Parrish, joins the battlefield. Some of them have brought silver bullets to kill Oni. Scott, Derek, and Eli battle it out with the Nogitsune.

Scott and Derek hold him so that Parrish can burn him down alive. Unfortunately, that will also mean that they both will burn and die with him. Derek pushes Scott away and sacrifices himself to save his friends and kill the Nogitsune once and for all.

Where does everyone end up?

Scott’s pack holds a funeral in memory of Derek. Sheriff Stilinski gives Eli the keys to Derek’s Jeep. Derek towed that Jeep in and managed to fix it. Over the years, that Jeep never broke down; just like Derek, it kept running and never stopped.

Stilinski wants Eli to keep this Jeep running just as his father did and for him to be just like his father. Scott and Allison plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Allison wonders how she will get back to life after missing all these years.

Adrian Harris is sent to the Eichen House, a mental health treatment facility in Beacon Hills. Lastly, after struggling all this while, Eli finally transforms into a werewolf, hoping to lead a pack of his own in the near future.

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