Sex Education season 4 review: Crammed season hits the right emotions

In Sex Education season 4, Otis and his friends kickstart their lives at Cavendish College, which is nothing like Moordale Secondary School. The fourth season is now streaming on Netflix.


Otis and Maeve are struggling to maintain their long-distance relationship, with the latter being in the United States, pursuing a prestigious course at Wallace University.

Their individual lives further burden them, as Otis learns that there is already a sex therapist at his new overtly positive and advanced college, Cavendish College, while Maeve’s experience at Wallace tells her that she is not as special as she thought she was.

Other Moordale students, such as Jackson, Viv, Eric, and Cal, keep exploring themselves at Cavendish. While some of them face new challenges, others quickly adapt and finally discover who they are and where they belong.


In comparison to the first season, all the characters of Sex Education have now grown. They are more mature and accepting of their bodies and their identities. This stark difference can be seen more clearly thanks to the talented cast.

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Asa Butterfield, as Otis, still carries somewhat of that awkwardness but is seen as more confident than before in this new season.

Emma Mackey, as Maeve, portrays several emotions throughout the season and is able to help viewers understand what Maeve is really longing for by the end of the series.

Maeve is a self-made person who doubts her own potential when she finds herself among the best. Mackey’s performance is able to contain the pain of not having anyone by her side when she is down.

The rest of the cast retains its performance from the past season. Ncuti Gatwa, as Eric, is especially more lively than ever and willing to make bigger decisions with less hesitation.

Connor Swindells and Alistair Petrie’s chemistry as Adam and his father, Michael, is another wholesome adventure that keeps viewers hooked. Dua Saleh, as Cal, brilliantly expresses how transitioning can affect one mentally.


Sex Education season 4 introduces the environment of Cavendish College, which is nothing like Moordale’s. Cavendish College is all about positivity and making a change.

Watching the students of Moordale adjust here is exciting. A viewer is always expecting their favorite characters to stand up against this college’s charade, which feels too much.

The fourth season continues to masterfully adapt what made the past three seasons successful. The show can be very cringe-worthy and awkward to make viewers laugh, but at the same time, it provides deep conversations that help one understand what a character is facing.

For a while, it feels like the show has lost its touch when it comes to Maeve and Otis’ romance. However, whenever Otis and Maeve come close, the viewers are reminded of why they were longing for this couple to come together.

While Sex Education is always known to touch on several forms of sexuality, including different kinds of individuals, and discuss what they are facing, it takes a stronger step towards the topic of accessibility in season 4 through the story of Isaac, who struggles to reach the classrooms on time because of a faulty elevator.


The battle Otis and O engage in isn’t exactly fresh or exciting. For the most part, it is predictable, and hence, the character of O isn’t able to stand out. Also, the absence of some mainstay characters will make this farewell season feel incomplete.


Sex Education season 4, as the final and farewell season, delivers what it should: imperfect teenagers who have grown over the course of years and now openly discuss the issues they face.

The narrative does bring too many storylines into the mix this season. However, it manages to hit the right emotion that doesn’t make the show feel too heavy.

Sex Education season 4
Sex Education season 4 review: Crammed season hits the right emotions 1

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