Sex Education season 4 summary and ending explained

In Sex Education season 4, students of Moordale Secondary adjust to their lives at Cavendish College. The fourth season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Maeve and Otis have been trying long-distance, with the former pursuing a prestigious course at Wallace University in the United States. It isn’t easy, with Otis even doubting that Maeve will ever return, which hurts their relationship.

If that’s not enough, things become difficult for Otis when he joins the overtly positive and advanced Cavendish College with his Moordale Secondary mates.

Otis has plans to start his sex clinic on the college campus. Unfortunately, the college already has a sex therapist in the form of a student named O.

O is far ahead of Otis when it comes to the sex clinic business, as she already has weeks filled with appointments and a full-fledged website of her own.

Otis plans to prove that O has stolen his idea and that he is the original sex therapist for colleges and high schools. However, it is going to be hard to gain the trust of the students at Cavendish College.

Otis finds unexpected support from Ruby, who has a past with O. They went to primary school together. During the school camp, when O, whose full name is Sarah Owen, was new, Ruby accepted her as a friend. O turned on Ruby and made fun of her for wetting her bed in front of the cool kids to make a name for herself.

Ruby hates watching O preach kindness everywhere, considering how she treated her when they were kids. In order to show O’s true face to the students of Cavendish College, Ruby shakes hands with Otis.

Meanwhile, Maeve struggles at Wallace University as her professor, Thomas Molloy, makes it clear that she is not cut out to be an author. Those words do leave a mark on her heart.

She leaves the course midway upon learning that her mother is in a critical condition. She returns and learns that her mother has passed away after an overdose.

Maeve does find comfort from Aimee and Otis. However, both of them have secrets they are keeping from Maeve. While Aimee is falling for Isaac, Maeve’s ex, Otis has spent a night with Ruby, though they haven’t gotten intimate together.

Aimee later tells Maeve about her feelings for Isaac. Maeve feels burdened, so they avoid this conversation for now. Things still continue to be difficult for Maeve, as Otis, on their date, confesses that he spent a night with Ruby.

To top all of this, Sean, Maeve’s brother, creates a scene at their mother’s funeral. A few encouraging words from Isaac help Maeve get back on the stage, appreciate her mother, and remember all the good stuff she did.

Maeve also gives Otis another chance. This time around, she plans to stay and not go back to America after the terrible experience she has had.

Amidst all of this, Eric becomes part of a popular group at Cavendish College. He also starts questioning whether he should get baptized or not.

Jackson learns that he has a lump on his body that can be cancerous and is passed down to him by his sperm donor. This sees him searching for his father.

Viv meets a boy named Beau and begins dating him. Cal are using testosterone gel and, later, look forward to a top surgery. Michael puts in efforts to change himself so that his son, Adam, and his wife, Maureen, will welcome him back into the family.

Ruby later quits being Otis’ campaign manager after Maeve’s return and supports a completely different candidate who wants to be the college’s sex therapist. She ruins O’s name by leaking the video of O putting Ruby down when they were kids.

Lastly, Jean attempts to work on a radio show while taking care of the newborn Joy. Otis calls Jean’s sister, Joanna, for assistance, but she ends up bringing more trouble than help.

Sex Education season 4 ending explained in detail:

Do Maeve and Otis end up together?

Jean invites Maeve to dinner later at night. While Maeve arrives for dinner on time, Otis finds himself stuck in Cavendish College’s defective lift that hasn’t been fixed for a very long time.

Maeve spends time with Jean, and the former opens up, saying that she feels like an idiot for being convinced that she deserved this opportunity at Wallace.

Jean points out that Maeve is just as worthy of succeeding as every other person at Wallace. She has taken quite a knock and needs someone to tell her that she should not stop believing in herself. One teacher can’t dictate her future.

After this conversation, Maeve makes up her mind to go back to America. When she tells Otis about this, they both agree that they can’t pursue their relationship if Maeve leaves.

The two confess their love for each other and decide to end their relationship after sleeping together for the night. The next day, Maeve bids goodbye to Otis, Aimee, and Isaac and spreads her mother’s ashes in the air before leaving.

Does Otis defeat O?

At Cavendish College’s fundraiser event, the results of the election of the college’s sex therapist are revealed. While Ruby’s candidate backs out, the students reject the next winner after him, Otis, because of his father. Otis hands the position to O.

O is rejected, even after apologizing to everyone online. She had also apologized to Ruby in person. Ruby stands up for O. She reminds everyone that nobody can be perfect and that they should give O a second chance. The students agree.

Later, O offers Otis a chance to work together. She says it might not be bad to have a friend. Otis lets her know that he will think about it.

What happens to everyone else?

Cavendish College comes together to raise money for Cal’s top surgery. Jackson meets his father, who immediately shoves him away. He gets angry at his mothers for not telling him about his father.

Before Jackson’s mothers met each other, Roz had gotten pregnant with the baby of a married man, with whom she had an affair. He left her for his family. Roz tried to send him pictures of Jackson, hoping that he would change his mind. However, it didn’t work. Things changed once Sofia arrived in Roz’s life.

Jackson’s mothers allow him to be angry, and they are ready to get through this together. Viv breaks up with her controlling boyfriend. Adam, on the other hand, accepts that his father is trying to change and lets him back into their family.

Eric comes to realize that he is supposed to change the hearts and minds of people and let them know that God loves them for who they are. He pursues his calling by deciding to become a pastor.

Jean and Joanna mend their differences during Jean’s radio show. Joanna admits that she still suffers from the harrowing experience of a sexual assault and is scared of asking for help, while Jean discloses that she has post-natal depression.

Aimee and Isaac are allowed by Maeve to explore their relationship. Isaac is ready to take it slow, considering that Aimee is still recovering from the sexual assault she had last year.

While Jean welcomes the father of Joy, Dan, to tell him the truth, Otis reads the letter left to him by Maeve, in which she thanks him for everything he has done. In America, Maeve’s work garners attention from Goodhart Books.

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