One of Us Is Lying season 2 review: Captivating and full of surprises

One of Us Is Lying season 2 follows the aftermath of Jake’s death and the new blackmailer who wreaks havoc in the lives of the Murder Club members. The second season is now streaming on Netflix & Peacock.


The Murder Club’s Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, Cooper, and Janae return to Bayview High looking for a fresh start after accidentally killing Jake and disposing of his body on Halloween night.

However, they receive an ominous text from an entity called Simon Says, threatening them with their Halloween night secret if they do not comply with the instructions.

The Murder Club initially ignores Simon Says, but they quickly realize that their mysterious foe is not bluffing.

The Murder Club has no choice but to work together once again in order to stay alive and out of prison.

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Meanwhile, Vanessa makes their lives hell as she desperately wants to uncover the truth behind Jake’s disappearance. Bronwyn’s sister, Maeve, on the other hand, learns about the Murder Club’s involvement in Jake’s murder.

Maeve decides to help and uses her hacking skills to contact Simon Says, but things don’t go as planned for the Murder Club when they find out that Giselle is dead because of them.

The Murder Club apparently figures out Simon’s true identity with the help of Maeve and Vanessa, and they soon realize that, apart from the blackmailer, there are more secrets and sinister forces at play.


The lead cast members reprise their roles and exceptionally portray the Murder Club members.

Marianly Tejada as Bronwyn and Cooper van Grootel as Nate have extraordinary chemistry throughout the season.

Annalisa Cochrane as Addy, Jess McLeod as Janae, and Chibuikem Uche as Cooper continue to be as impressive as they were in the first season.

Melissa Collazo shines as Maeve, the unofficial member of the Murder Club, who is a feisty, smart sidekick to root for.

Cooper’s love interest, Kris, played by Karim Diane, stands out this season and helps Cooper whenever he is in trouble, which is heartwarming to see.

The new characters, including Jake’s brother, Cole, played by Joe Witkowski, and Nate’s new tutor, Fiona, played by Doralynn Mui, are perfect additions to the dysfunctional group of high school students.

Lastly, Sara Thompson’s portrayal of Vanessa exhibits a completely different comedic side this season.


In addition to the main mystery, the series continues to organically incorporate pertinent issues that today’s teenagers face. Gender identity and sexuality-related subjects are addressed sensitively without detracting from the main plot.

For instance, it was encouraging to see Janae’s journey of self-acceptance as non-binary, which is viewed as a part of who they are as a whole person rather than as their primary characteristic.

This season is chock full of swoon-worthy romances, from Janae and Maeve’s transformation of their tumultuous relationship into a solid one to Nate and Bronwyn’s iconic love confession at the end. They all delve deeper and turn up the heat in their romances.

The finale is spectacular, with Simon Says’ true identity exposed in a shocking reveal. The villain’s real motives are even more intriguing than the reveal itself, and the mystery’s approach is not only unexpected but also well-planned.

Even though the series provides a satisfying conclusion to this captivating season, it also manages to leave some questions unanswered, in hopes of bringing another season.


The Murder Club’s continued dismissal of Maeve, even after repeatedly proving that she is the smartest member of the group, is the most frustrating part of this season.

She is either Bronwyn’s sister or Janae’s girlfriend, but Maeve is never treated as a proper group member by the Murder Club.

The season’s constant search for ‘Simon Says’ becomes tiresome to watch and isn’t very effective at convincing the audience to root for the Murder Club, as they are continuously in the wrong.


One of Us Is Lying season 2 keeps you guessing throughout the eight episodes, and you can’t stop wondering what will happen next. The tension, mystery, and revelations escalate one after the other, keeping you hooked the entire time.

The series manages to tell a story that is neither hurried nor drawn out, with each episode adding a fresh piece to the ongoing puzzle.

One of Us Is Lying season 2
One of Us Is Lying season 2 review: Captivating and full of surprises 1

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