One of Us Is Lying season 2 ending explained: Who is Simon Says?

One of Us Is Lying season 2 centers around five Bayview High students and how far they’ll go to keep their deadly secret, themselves, and one another safe. The second season is now streaming on Netflix & Peacock.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The Murder Club’s Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, Cooper, and Janae try to go back to being normal teenagers after accidentally killing Jake and disposing of his body on Halloween night.

On their first day back at Bayview High School, they receive an ominous text from Simon Says, a blackmailer who threatens to reveal their secret if they don’t comply with the instructions.

The Murder Club members are initially unsure whether Simon Says knows anything about that fateful Halloween night, but they soon learn that their mysterious foe is not bluffing.

To make matters worse, Simon Says sends Addy the gun she used to kill Jake in self-defense.

They also discover that Simon Says has a video from Halloween night proving that the Murder Club members were in the woods the night Jake disappeared.

All hopes of returning to their normal lives have now gone, and the group must once again work together to stay alive and out of prison.

Meanwhile, Vanessa continues to live-stream her theories on Jake’s disappearance. She clearly does not believe the story of him murdering Simon and fleeing to Mexico. Therefore, she plans to expose the “truth” with the help of her followers.

Maeve, on the other hand, figures out that her sister, Bronwyn, and the rest of her friends are hiding something from her.

She confronts Bronwyn, who admits their involvement in Jake’s murder. Maeve decides to help them because she knows they clearly need her hacking skills.

Vanessa releases an interview with a girl named Gissele, who claims she had an affair with Jake that started when they first met while on vacation in Greece.

On top of that, Giselle also finds a bullet casing in the woods during Vanessa’s Justice for Jake search.

At this point, the Murder Club members believe that Giselle is their mysterious blackmailer. Maeve uses her hacking skills and sends a message to Simon Says, addressing them as Giselle.

Simon Says replies and plans a meeting at the abandoned water park.

They gather at the location and come across Giselle’s dead body. The Murder Club members are now back at square one in terms of discovering who their true enemy is.

They realize there is no other way to stop the twisted game of Simon Says they’ve been forced to play, and everyone agrees to turn themselves in except Maeve.

The Murder Club members meet at midnight in front of the police station. As they walk in, ready to confess to Jake’s murder, they see on the news that TJ has been arrested for Giselle’s murder.

The five know that turning themselves in will not put an end to Simon Says, so they must find the blackmailer.

One of Us Is Lying season 2 ending explained in detail:

How does the Murder Club discover Simon Says’ true identity?

When Vanessa learns that her ex-boyfriend, TJ, is in prison for murder, she reluctantly agrees to help clear his name after realizing that Simon Says set him up for the crime.

She believes that the Murder Club is behind this entity called Simon Says and decides to gather evidence against them. Vanessa eventually learns the full story of Jake’s disappearance and the Murder Club’s involvement.

With a new ally on their side, the Murder Club figures out that Jake and Giselle went to the same rehab, indicating that whoever Simon Says is, they were probably there along with Jake and Giselle.

When Maeve, Janae, and Bronwyn arrive at the rehab facility, they come across a framed photo of Jake, Giselle, and Fiona.

After discovering that Fiona is Simon Says, Bronwyn warns Nate, who’s working in a restaurant with Fiona.

Nate reads Bronwyn’s text about Simon Says’ true identity and confronts Fiona, who admits she’s been playing games with them all along and offers an ultimatum.

She wants revenge on the person who shot Jake, and the Murder Club has until midnight to give them up.

Does Fiona get caught by the Murder Club?

The Murder Club concludes that there is no proof suggesting Fiona murdered Giselle, but they can still frame her for Jake’s death.

They decide to hide the murder weapon in Fiona’s car, but Maeve is skeptical that their plan will work without Fiona’s fingerprints on the gun.

She also reminds the group about the video Fiona has. Bronwyn and the others think that this is their best chance to stop Fiona, so they dismiss Maeve’s concerns.

Maeve knows their plan will fail, so she secretly joins forces with Fiona, who had apparently promised Maeve that if she delivered Addy to her, she would permanently delete the video.

Maeve agrees to cooperate with Fiona to keep her sister out of prison and delivers Addy to her.

Fiona discloses that Jake was her soulmate since they met in rehab, and his death has caused her a great deal of pain, which is why she wanted revenge.

Before Fiona could kill Addy, Meave deletes the video, gets Fiona’s fingerprints on the gun, and rescues Addy. When Fiona realizes Meave has betrayed her, she burns down the yacht and flees.

Bronwyn pursues her, but Fiona stabs her, and before she could even flee, the police arrive and arrest her.

What happens to Fiona?

Cole, Jake’s brother, pays Fiona a visit in prison and asks her if she knows why Jake killed Simon.

Fiona believes Simon was probably aware of the secret that landed Jake in rehab. Cole appears surprised that Fiona knows Jake’s secret, which no one knows.

Later, inside her cell, Fiona dies after eating her lunch, which had poison in it.

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