A Storm for Christmas review: A delightful comfort watch

In ‘A Storm for Christmas’, the spirit of Christmas brings the passengers at Oslo Airport together when a terrible storm delays their flights and leaves them stranded. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


The passengers at the Oslo Airport are left disappointed upon learning that all of the flights have been delayed due to the storm, which means that they will have to spend the next few hours at the airport.

The bartenders at the airport’s bar start preparing for the sad faces that will be coming their way. Each and every person is looking forward to something, as Christmas is right around the corner.

People like Marius and David try to cheer everyone up, while musicians like Arthur and Ida find ways to pass the time.

Relationships are formed when two people, Diana and Pilot Olav, who are quite different from each other, meet. Kaja, a little girl, wishes for her parents to stop fighting while Maria comforts her son, who is supposed to have an eye operation in the next 24 hours.

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At the same time, some people opt to take the road, believing that the storm won’t be calming down anytime soon.


‘A Storm for Christmas’ is the kind of show that doesn’t ask for great, dedicated performances. All a character in a show like this needs is a heart, and almost every other cast member has tried to portray that.

Jan Gunnar Røise as David is someone who stands out. All David wants is to be nice to people, and Røise does a great job of carrying that aura of David.

Dennis Storhøi as Arthur Berg is a treat to watch as well. The viewers may initially hate Storhøi’s character, but they will grow to love him.

Berg evolves over the course of six episodes after meeting various people at the airport, and Storhøi accordingly changes his behavior owing to that transformation.

Valter Skarsgård as Henrik, the Handler, is someone who could’ve attracted more eyes to the show, but his part ends up being more of a cameo.


‘A Storm for Christmas’ makes the most of a plot that is more favorable for sci-fi thrillers or horror shows. The multiple sub-plots are well written.

The viewers get to see a range of characters. From a regular family to rich, snobby stars, there is almost a character for each and every kind of person. On top of that, these characters are used concisely. None of them overshadows the other.

Also, despite being predictable, the show isn’t trying to give us stories out of fairy tales where everything works out well in the end. These stories are grounded in reality, and the outcomes are, in some cases, bittersweet.


Each and every character gets its due, but with some, the show could’ve offered a more fleshed-out story.

For example, take Stine. The show spent six episodes with her traveling around, and the viewers don’t get to hear what her story is about until the end.

Lastly, David is bound to be everyone’s favorite character and has a good backstory for himself. The only takeaway is that he ends up with Ronja. There is no proper build-up around it, though Ronja’s character claims there is. It all just feels rushed.


Despite being predictable to its core, ‘A Storm for Christmas’ accomplishes the job a show in this genre is supposed to do. It definitely leaves a smile on a viewer’s face and comes out as a warm, lighthearted drama one could watch with their loved ones.

A Storm for Christmas
A Storm for Christmas review: A delightful comfort watch 1

Director: Per-Olav Sørensen

Date Created: 2022-12-16 13:30

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