A Storm for Christmas ending explained: How does the storm end for everyone?

‘A Storm for Christmas’ follows the passengers stuck at Oslo Airport, who are forced to wait for Christmas together as a terrible storm delays all the flights. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The passengers at Oslo Airport find themselves stranded as a storm delays each and every upcoming flight. The bartenders at the airport’s bar prepare for a lot of upset people who will be coming their way.

One of the bartenders, Marius, is concerned about his health and is trying to get in touch with his doctor, who is unavailable at the moment. He resumes his duties, hoping to talk to his doctor later at night.

Ida, a pop star, hates to be here. Since the storm won’t be calming down soon, Ida agrees to sit for an interview.

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During the same interview, she reveals that she enjoys putting on different masks for every person she meets and has no one who is close to her.

The interview disappoints her assistant, Ingvild, a bit, as she always saw herself as Ida’s best friend. Ida, on the other hand, often used Ingvild as her punching bag.

Things get worse when Ida discovers Ingvild’s book full of song lyrics about her. She confronts her in front of everybody, and their fight goes viral on the internet.

Ida claims that she is stealing her life, to which Ingvild clarifies that she wrote those songs only for Ida and that she isn’t working with anyone else.

Meanwhile, another musician, Arthur Berg, a pianist, struggles at the airport as he no longer can use the VIP lounge. Arthur’s career is on a decline, and he really needs to do something to get back on his feet.

Passengers like David keep the mood up at the airport. David tries to be nice to everyone. He lends his hand to a woman named Maria and her son, Lucas, who is supposed to have an eye operation in the next 24 hours.

Since Maria has no money in her wallet, she opts to steal food from a shop.

David, who believes a lot in the Christmas spirit, stops them and decides to buy them food, suggesting that everyone should be kind to each other during Christmas. Maria hugs him, calling him a guardian angel.

At the same time, some don’t really require his unsolicited help. For example, take Sara, who is spending a lot of time at the bar trying to figure out what she should gift her father.

Another relationship to form at the airport is between a passenger named Diana and Pilot Olav. The couple has different opinions about Christmas and how one should spend it. They keep fighting but eventually reconcile again and again.

Amidst all of this, a girl named Kaja abandons her parents, who are constantly bickering with each other. She meets an annoying Santa who is glad to meet a kid who really wants to wish for something genuine.

Airport staff members are doing their best to keep everyone together. Ronja tries to help a lost old man who doesn’t seem to speak the native language, while Henrik, a handler, forms a connection with an abandoned dog.

While many stay and wait for their flights at the airport, there are some who opt to take the road. One of them is Stine, who leaves her lover behind after a fight to go back to her boyfriend.

The other one is Bonnie, who tries to make the best of the money she has to take the road to reach her destination. Bonnie later comes to her senses and realizes that she can’t make it to her destination during this storm.

She then joins her taxi driver at a shelter for the homeless, where she helps him with food.

A Storm for Christmas ending explained in detail:

What happens during Arthur and Lucas’ performance?

Lucas is losing his eyesight, but somewhere his ears are getting stronger. He finds the piano at the airport and starts playing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

The music encourages Arthur to join him. Together, they lift the spirits of the disappointed passengers. During their performance, Ida approaches Ingvild and apologizes for everything that she has said to her.

Back at the bar, Marius’ health takes a toll on him, and he tumbles down while working. He is immediately taken to the hospital. Sara comes looking for him with the gift she has found for her father. It turns out that her father is none other than Marius.

After the performance, Arthur starts becoming popular again as his video with Lucas goes viral. Pop star Ida has shared their video with her three million followers, and now his upcoming show is sold out.

Do Ida and Ingvild reconcile?

Ida and Ingvild sit down to talk about the lyrics the latter has written. Though Ingvild suggests that she wrote them as a hobby, Ida tries to cheer her up.

Ingvild musters up the courage to reveal that she wrote those lyrics when Ida came out in front of her parents, who rejected her sexuality. Ida hears what she has to say silently and then fires her.

Ida wants Ingvild to work as a songwriter from now on, not as her assistant. They eventually get along later at the bar, where Ida crosses paths with Bonnie, who is back at the airport. The two click instantly, hinting at a possible romance in the future.

What happens between Ronja and David?

Ronja had successfully sent the old man on a flight. She regretted not being there for Marius. She came across David, who was sitting all alone at the airport. She figures that he was lying about his flight to Málaga to spend time with his wife.

David discloses that his wife died six years ago, right before their trip to Málaga. Since then, he has been coming here in her memory. Ronja pitches a crazy idea to join him on this trip.

She suggests that the higher power is signaling them to come together. David gives her a confused look but agrees, and they both prepare themselves for a crazy trip.

Where does everyone else end up after the storm?

Sara heads up to the hospital to meet her father, Marius, who finally recognizes his daughter. The father-daughter duo admits that they were both looking for each other all the time.

She gifts her father running shoes. He claims that he will be up and running right away the next morning. Marius wonders if the storm has passed, and Sara lets him know that it has.

Coming back to the airport, Santa grants Kaja’s wish when he gets a chance to meet her parents. He tells them how she feels about their silly fights over small and petty issues.

Kaja’s parents promise her that they will stop fighting. Kaja later thanks Santa and asks him to stay in touch with her.

Lucas’ wish to be with his mother no matter what encourages Maria to request his estranged father to send them some money. She had lost most of it for the operation.

Upon receiving it, they hop on a flight with Arthur, who gifts Lucas a portable keyboard and two tickets to his show.

Stine goes through a lot of trouble trying to reach her boyfriend. She gets picked up by a kind woman. This woman offers her shelter during the storm and encourages her to do the right thing concerning her boyfriend.

Stine opens up to her boyfriend about the number of affairs she has had while they were together, leaving him no choice but to break up. The woman takes Stine back into her house once her boyfriend leaves her and explains to her that this is life.

Lastly, Olav invites Diana to his parents’ house. They end the night together with a kiss.

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