Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 5 recap & review: That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once

In season 1 episode 5 of the anime series Uncle from Another World, the titular Uncle narrates an incident in the past that almost led to his death, according to him at least. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Fujimiya suggests Uncle use his powers to become a baseball player. But since he respects hard work, being a game himself, he declines the idea.

When thinking about how violent baseball terminology is, he remembers an incident where there was an attempt to assassinate him. He starts a projection to show them.

The hooded figure had been following him in his previous projections as well. She is revealed to be Mabel, the guardian of the God freezing sword from episode 2.

She reveals that by defeating the dragon without the sword, Uncle took away her chance to pass the sword on. However, he does not sense the intent to kill from her. She is taken to his inn by him.

There, Uncle gives her a ring, just as he had done with Elf, causing a misunderstanding and making her blush. But when she realises he gave it to her to sell, she gets furious.

Takafumi and Fujimiya are baffled by how Uncle is completely oblivious to the actual meaning of his actions.

Uncle captures an enraged Mabel. Elf arrives and sees the ring, getting jealous and freeing Mabel. She proceeds to freeze him till the next morning. This is the assassination attempt he mentioned before.

Takafumi and Fujimiya conclude that Mabel and Elf talked after freezing him. Mabel mentions Japan Bahamal, and that her descendent arrived from the world 400 years ago as well. She and Uncle share the same bloodline.

The descendent, a knight, was given the God freezing sword by God and slayed the dragon. Realising that everyone gets a bonus when they arrive in Granbahamal, they try to trace what happened when Uncle arrived.

After navigating through numerous attempts to kill him for being an orc, they find the real instance when he arrived. He was given the chance to get power and accidentally asked for the ability to understand the language spoken in that world.

However, they still sold him for being an orc that can understand human words. He only cost three bronze coins.

Before Uncle can narrate further, Takafumi asks for a coffee break because of how dark the story is. The three take a break before watching further.


  • Just as the episodes were getting monotonous, the show introduces the origin story of Uncle and how he received the powers. This builds much-needed intrigue.
  • The other world just had Uncle and the Elf as important characters till now, but Mabel gets some background and her personality is explored.
  • The focus has begun shifting to the other world more, which helps in making the narrative more creative.
  • The episode gives important insight into Granbahamal and sets up the next one which will likely continue his origin story.
Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 5
Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 5 recap & review: That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once 1

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