Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 4 recap & review: You Helped Me Through Tough Times

Season 1 episode 4 of Uncle from Another World follows the titular Uncle, who continues to be unaware of the Elf’s feelings for him. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


While Fujimiya used to bully Takafumi when they were younger, there was another side to her that protected him from other bullies.

She tries to prove she became girlier in middle school and uses the opportunity to slip a picture in swimwear to Takafumi. But he seems more concerned about her reputation and deletes it.

After Takafumi leaves to get a bag of coffee beans, Uncle accidentally freezes Fujimiya. He suggests she take a shower and leaves the house to make her more comfortable.

Fujimiya puts on Takafumi’s shirt but he returns abruptly and sees Fujimiya in just the shirt. She is actually happy about this but he thinks she’s only being considerate and asks Uncle to erase his memory but she stops him in time.

It’s Fujimiya’s birthday and she can now drink legally since she’s twenty. Uncle turns out to be 35 years old.

He shows them the first time he drank alcohol but they’re shocked when they realise he was 20 at the time. Uncle looked exactly the same.

The Elf was still following him in the other world. She asked him how he’s so strong and he responded with his motto ‘a pinch is a chance’, the same one he revealed to Takafumi and Fujimiya just moments ago.

It turned out to be from the strategy guidebook of a game called ‘Puyo Puyo’, and the two are left disappointed that even this profound advice from Uncle came from a video game.

In the projection, Uncle got drunk and held the Elf, taking her to his room. Infatuated by him, she agreed and on the way, he told her how he is glad that she has always supported him but he left her outside and slept. Takafumi and Fujimiya cannot believe how dense Uncle is.

The next day, the Elf asked him what they were doing and he responded he would be going to the death trap dungeon. She had clearly been crying the entire night due to Uncle ditching her.

Frustrated by this, Fujimiya gives Uncle a drink and he gets drunk again. Using his powers, he makes them float in the air, confusing the real world with video games.

After the credits, Elf is shown to have been poisoned at the death trap dungeon. Uncle was forced to suck it out in a borderline erotic scene, which Fujimiya points out.

Looking at this as an opportunity, she asks if she can have some poison to give Takafumi which would allow her to ‘save’ him as well, scaring Uncle.


  • One of the weaker episodes, this does not have the same amount of memorable moments as the earlier ones.
  • This one also has more borderline sexual moments which does not go with the tone of the show thus far.
  • What it does retain is humour. Uncle suggesting Fujimiya’s swimwear picture lost out to a coffee bean ad in terms of content is hilarious.
  • Overall, a certain conflict seems to be missing. There is nothing that they’re really trying to achieve, and hopefully, this is addressed in the upcoming episodes.

Rating: 3/5

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