The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Eyes Without Pity

In episode 6 of The Wheel of Time season 2, Rand makes a deal with Lanfear, Egwene is pushed to her breaking point, and Lan approaches Mother Siuan for assistance. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.


Egwene is taken to a cell by Renna, her sul’dam who tells her that she will be trained to obey her or experience immense pain because of her a’dam.

Egwene is not able to fight back or touch anything that she might consider a weapon. Rand faces Lanfear and tells her that he cannot trust her. She lets his restraints go and he asks her to tell him where Ishamael is and what his plan is if she truly cares about him.

She tells him that she’ll only help him under one condition, that he stays far away from Moiraine. He wakes up and immediately leaves, telling her that if Lanfear sees them together, she’ll kill Moiraine.

Min and Mat arrive at the Foregate of Cair Hien. Elayne and Nynaeve argue about their situation because Nynaeve doesn’t trust Ryma. Ryma arrives and asks them how they ended up there, so they tell her about how they were betrayed by Liandrin.

Lanfear visits Liandrin and reminds her of her oath to the Dark, not Ishamael exclusively. Loial and Ingtar look for a way to steal the Horn while they serve the Seanchan.

Renna continues to torture Egwene until she bends to her will. Ishamael appears in Min’s dream and tells her that she must ensure Mat meets Rand and only then will he remove her curse.

Lan and Alanna stop at a temple for the Forsaken along with Maksim and Ihvon. Lan tries to leave in the middle of the night to find the Amyrlin Seat but the others stop him and accuse him of being a dark friend.

He tells them that he needs to see Siuan about Moiraine because they found the Dragon Reborn. Lanfear once again appears in Rand’s dreams and shows him where Egwene is. He wishes to save her and needs Lanfear’s help to find out where exactly she is.

Nynaeve and Elayne say that they aren’t going to leave with Egwene, so Ryma reveals an a’dam and says that they must figure out how to break it to save Egwene.

Moiraine writes a letter to Siuan telling her that she has been stilled, but Lan gets to Siuan first and shares the news. Rand goes to Logaine for help wielding the One Power.

While he’s at the Foregate, he runs into Mat and they tell each other what they have been through. He tells Mat that he has to go to Falme to save Egwene and Mat agrees to go along with him.

Renna tries a different approach with Egwene but still isn’t able to bend her will. Siuan arrives in Cair Hien with 14 Aes Sedai seeking an audience with Moiraine.

The damane sense a channeler so Ryma tells Nynaeve and Elayne that she will sacrifice herself so they can escape and save Egwene and her other sisters.

Rand waits for Mat but when he doesn’t show up, he heads out on his own only to be stopped by Lan, Alanna, and her Warders.


  • The episodes are beginning to get painfully tedious. They are far too long with too many sub-plots explored in each one that it gets tough to keep track of what’s happening.
  • Some of these characters are frustratingly written, with Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Rand’s stubbornness not much different from each other. Their decision-making is annoying from a common sense perspective and that raises resentment over those characters.
  • The effects continue to be one of the strong points of the series, with the channeling on of the One Power looking very impressive.
The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 6
The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Eyes Without Pity 1

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