Rick and Morty season 7 episode 6 recap & review: Rickfending Your Mort

In Rick and Morty season 7 episode 6, Rick asks a cosmic observer for help audit Morty’s receipts of adventures. Things take a turn when the observer keeps showing them their embarassing clips out of spite.


Rick blows raspberry in the garage while drunk out of his mind. Morty wants him to get out of this post-Rick Prime slumber and get up and go on adventures with him.

He pulls out his Morty Adventure Cards, all stamped out, to warrant an adventure with him. Rick dismisses them, but Morty pulls out the Adventure notes, where he’s jot down all the receipts of adventures.

Rick calls BS on them and calls in a cosmic being refered to as the Observer, to verify Morty’s receipts. Soon, the Observer begins showing them their embarassing moments via short clips.

They get miffed and the Observer observes that too, which makes him salty that soon leads to the Observer doubling down on it, showing the whole Smith family’s embarassing clips.

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Morty is fed up and throws hands, the Observer backs up and gets run over by a truck. For his death, Rick and Morty are taken to trial by the court of Observers. The jury and the whole court of Observers see Rick and Morty’s clips which the prosecution uses to brand them as evil.

They’re about to be executed when Rick acts up and takes over their data base and shows them their own greatest hits of immoral actions, claiming they’re all just as bad as Rick and Morty.

This leads to an infighting between the Observers, giving the titular duo the time to escape. Rick apologizes to Morty and thanks him for trying to help get his groove back.


  • Rick and Morty is back to the groove after the bleak affairs of the last episode, and it takes a concerned and persistent Morty and a better version of the Mindblowers episode.
  • The laughs are plenty well-earned in this episode, and the Churro storyline has a lot of promise should it go on to become a prominent part of the canon.
  • The voices contribute a lot in the fun in Rickfending Your Mort; Maria Bamford and Ryan Hansen being some of the best guest stars in a while.
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