Gen V season finale recap, review, and ending explained

In the season finale of Gen V, a rampage breaks out at God U., and Marie and the others have to stop it by any means necessary. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 8 recap: Guardians of Godolkin

Cate stands by her decision to kill Indira even if the others disagree with her. She wants to free everyone from The Woods and Sam volunteers to help her do it.

Jordan wants to call the campus security but Emma stops them. Marie says that their best bet is to stop Cate and Sam themselves.

Andre is waiting outside his father’s hospital room when the doctor arrives with an update. He says that Polarity’s powers were causing damage to his brain over time and suggests that Andre could also encounter that problem.

He states that there is no way to reverse the effects, but they can mitigate it through treatment and the condition that Polarity doesn’t use his powers ever again.

Andre tries to tell his father, but his father is more focused on Andre taking on the mantle of Polarity after him. Ashley Barrett is on campus with the Board of Directors figuring out a way to rebuild the broken image of God U.

They plan on sending one of the students straight to The Seven for good publicity and explore their options. Cate and Sam break into The Woods and free all of the supes. She radicalizes them against humans and tells them to get revenge for how they were treated.

Marie, Emma, and Jordan get to The Woods and find that they are too late. Jordan mentions a panic button in Indira’s office and Marie heads over there.

Social Media Jeff runs into one of the supes from The Woods and he uses a device that emits a sound to subdue them. He then places a device in the supes’ mouth and blows their head off.

He informs someone that his cover might be blown and then Cate touches him and forces him to obey her. She makes him blow his head off on a livestream as the other supes cause chaos on campus.

Adam Bourke is taking a class when Sam walks in and watches all of them. Adam criticizes Sam’s ability and Sam walks up and chokes him while all the other students run away.

Emma stops him from killing Adam but when she tries to convince him that what he is doing is wrong, it doesn’t work. Cate calls up Andre and tells him that she killed Indira.

She professes her love for him and asks him to join her as they stand up for themselves. Sam keeps imagining Luke as his conscience, trying to show him the right path.

He is tired of listening to his brother and when Cate offers to help, he agrees. She touches him and tells him not to feel any emotions.

Marie gets to Indira’s office and presses the panic button which locks down all the rooms and hallways and activates a sonic wave that only affects supes.

One of the supes from The Woods uses their sonic powers to shut it down.

Gen V ending explained in detail:

What does Ashley do to stop this?

Ashley tells her assistant to try and get in touch with Homelander and also call for a chopper to come get them out of there. She then tells the board members to call all of the students and offer them a spot in The Seven if they kill the crazy supes.

Ashley calls up Marie and offers a spot in The Seven and a meeting with her sister if she can save them but Marie doesn’t want to ruthlessly kill others.

Adam joins them and when the chopper arrives, they all run outside. However, Cate orders a supe to jump straight into the blades of the chopper to ground it.

How do Marie and Andre stop Cate?

Andre arrives and uses his powers to bring down the chopper safely. Jordan tells the board members to get into it so that they can remain safe from outside threats.

Andre and Marie try to talk some sense into Cate but Maverick walks up and Cate asks him to fight Marie. While Marie fights Maverick, Andre continues to plead with Cate to reconsider.

She agrees and puts out her hand but Andre is hesitant to touch it. Sam rushes in and attacks Andre even though Andre tries to reason with him. Ultimately, Andre grabs an electric baton and shocks Sam until he falls unconscious.

Cate insists that her goal is to fight back against Vought and the humans who have used them as experiments but Marie disagrees.

What happens to the students?

Jordan is being overpowered by 3 supes until Marie comes to help them. They are momentarily distracted and Cate approaches them but Marie uses her powers to blow up Cate’s hand.

Homelander shows up and everybody stops. Marie tries to talk but he tells her to back away. He then questions why she would attack her own kind and uses his heat vision on her as the scene cuts away.

Homelander later watches a news report by Cameron Coleman on the massacre at God U. and how the new guardians of Godolkin, Sam, and Cate saved everyone. Marie wakes up in a hospital room with no door, and Andre, Jordan, and Emma by her side.

They don’t know where they are or what lies in their future for standing up against Vought. Billy Butcher explores the abandoned Woods and comments on the atrocities that took place there.


  • These characters are in unchartered territory and it is very exciting to predict what paths they might take. Where could these students possibly stand in the oncoming conflict between Homelander and Vic Neuman, and where The Boys fit into all this as well?
  • The effects used to depict Marie’s powers are stunning, and the more she learns, the more they get to show off. The way she sensed Maverick’s blood and mapped out his capillary system is very impressive.
  • The narrative of Gen V has been brilliant and a refreshing shift from The Boys while still maintaining the essence of what the universe is like. This story is laid out perfectly and couldn’t have been incorporated in a better way.
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