Gen V season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Sick

Episode 7 of Gen V brings Indira’s plans and motivations out into the open as Victoria Neuman visits Godolkin University. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.


Dr. Cardosa has succeeded in making the virus more potent but Indira wants him to make it airborne. When he questions her motivations, she challenges him to report to Vought and see what happens.

Cate calls up Indira and asks to meet but the dean says that she has a meeting in the city that she cannot skip. Cate says she’ll wait at Indira’s house but the others do not trust her and Andre insists on accompany

Jordan wants to get proof of The Woods themselves and Marie figures that if they find something concrete, they can hand it to Vic Neuman, who is visiting Godolkin for a town hall. Jordan has the key card to Indira’s office so they head over there to search it.

Sam is hanging out in Emma’s room and she asks him to stay hidden while she goes out and gets them some food. Marie finds a folder in Indira’s desk containing information about the Transoceanic flight Homelander took down.

Among the passengers were Indira’s husband and daughter which explains her hatred for supes. Dr. Cardosa walks in and Marie and Jordan hide. The doctor is drunk and he drops off a file while rambling about the virus and it’s potency.

Indira is in the city, and she’s there to meet Mallory. She shares images and research about the virus and tells Mallory that she needs her help to ensure they can take down every single supe.

Mallory calls her plan genocide and claims that her mind is clouded by rage and a thirst for revenge. She has someone listening in on the conversation and asks them to keep an eye on Indira after she leaves.

Sam hears a commotion outside the room and sees a bunch of kids partying and having fun. He joins them and lets loose before they tell him that they’re moving the party to a different location. When he says that he’s waiting for Emma, they tell him that she’ll be there too.

Cate and Andre are at Indira’s house watching television when they see Andre’s dad sitting down with Cameron Coleman. Andre says that has hasn’t spoken to his father ever since he was told to ignore the atrocities that were happening in The Woods.

During his interview, Polarity has a seizure and Andre has to rush to the scene. He gets in the ambulance and does his best to counter his father’s powers while they rush to the hospital.

Emma returns to see that Sam is missing and goes out looking for him. The other students took Sam along with them as they sat in the audience for Vic’s town hall. She tries to the diplomatic in her answers but the supes are having none of it as they begin acting out.

Marie needs to find a way to Vic so Jordan starts a fight as a distraction. Marie walks in just as Vic is being walked out but she recognizes Marie and agrees to speak with her.

Indira returns home to find Cate waiting for her with her gloves off. She tells Cate that it is almost time to leave the place forever and all she has to do is tie up a few loose ends.

Vic has a chat with Marie about her powers and asks her to use them to find out more about Victoria. Marie realizes that Vic is a supe and she is shocked by this discovery.

Victoria reveals that she has similar powers and then admits that she was the one who got Marie into Godolkin. Marie mentions the virus and wants to do more but Victoria says that she will handle it while Marie must put her head down and go back to being a student.

Marie gets a text from Cate asking her to come to Indira’s house. Andre gets the same text but he ignores it to stay by his father’s side at the hospital.

The others arrive at Indira’s house and find Cate standing with the dean there. Cate has used her powers on Indira and forces her to tell them the truth about everything.

She admits that she wants to see supes wiped off the face of the Earth because wherever they go, they leave a path of destruction behind them.

Cate then tells Indira that it is time and Indira slashes her own neck. As she’s bleeding out, Marie rushes forward but Cate uses her powers and tells Marie not to help.

She is convinced that it is supes against humans and Sam is the only one to agree with her after hearing what some of the students told him at the town hall.

Victoria meets Dr. Cardosa and takes the sample of the virus off his hands. She tells him that she’s arranged for him to be in witness protection like he requested but she blows his head up instead.


  • Gen V continues to be the perfect mirror to society with layered social commentary in their series. The supe civil rights issues can be interpreted in different ways, but it is certainly insightful.
  • Another thing the creators have managed to do is create realistic characters with genuine strengths and weaknesses. In a universe where the majority of the supes are despicable, these students are a ray of hope but that doesn’t mean they are immune to manipulation.
  • This is clearly showcased when Marie meets with Vic, who by the way, is a brilliant presence in this episode. Her character has one of the best glow-ups from the comics and Claudia Doumit is knocking it out of the park in the role.
Gen V season 1 episode 7
Gen V season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Sick 1

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