Destined with You season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Destined with You, Na Jung-beom tries to kill Hong-jo, but Sin-yu is determined to rescue her before it is too late. All episodes of Destined with You are now streaming on Netflix.


It is revealed that Na Jung-beom blackmailed U-ram’s grandfather, Sam-sik. Instead of helping Na Jung-beom kidnap Hong-jo, Sam-sik told Hong-jo everything. Hong-jo then decided to pretend that she has been drugged and kidnapped by him.

She did all this because she wanted Na Jung-beom to get caught. She tells Na Jung-beom that the police are on their way and that he will get arrested very soon. However, Na Jung-beom wants to cast a spell that will bind his soul to Hong-jo’s soul forever.

Na Jung-beom plans to kill her and himself once he has cast the spell. After finding out his plan, Hong-jo uses her pepper spray on him and makes a run for it. Eventually, he catches her and ties her up.

By the time the police arrive, Hong-jo and Na Jung-beom are nowhere to be found. Sin-yu looks for Hong-jo with the police. They are able to find and arrest Na Jung-beom, but Hong-jo has already been poisoned.

Hong-jo is taken to the hospital, and she survives. Sin-yu’s father is still not ready to accept Sin-yu and Hong-jo’s relationship, but he is left with no choice when Sin-yu tells him that Eun-wol predicted that Hong-jo might be pregnant.

At the same time, Sam-sik confesses that when Na Jung-beom’s wife went missing, Na Jung-beom manipulated him into helping him fabricate a false alibi. Na Jung-beom then confesses to killing his wife and attempting to murder Hong-jo.

After recovering, Hong-jo stays at Sin-yu’s place more often than not. Sin-yu’s father is suing the City Hall regarding the development project, and Sin-yu is going to represent him, which means that he cannot work at City Hall anymore. Sin-yu resigns, and the mayor cannot do anything to stop him.

Na-yeon’s high school boyfriend, who was asked to force himself on Hong-jo, made a video of Na-yeon mistreating Hong-jo and admitting that her father harassed Sin-yu. He makes this video public, and everyone comes to know that Na-yeon is a bully who used her father’s position to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Na-yeon tries to get Mr. Lee to marry her, but he no longer wishes to be with her. Na-yeon goes to meet Hong-jo and blames her for everything that has gone wrong in her life. She is then arrested for aiding and abetting Na Jung-beom’s escape.

Destined with You season 1 ending explained in detail:

Does Jae-gyeong expose the mayor?

When Jae-gyeong hears that Sin-yu has resigned, he informs Sin-yu that he intends to expose the fact that the mayor was bribed by Mr. Lee. Jae-gyeong even recorded his meeting with Mr. Lee in which Mr. Lee bribed him and reported the incident to the Audit Team.

Jae-gyeong is sued for whistleblowing. Sin-yu represents him in court, and Jae-gyeong is not found guilty of any crime. The prosecution indicts Mr. Lee and the mayor. The mayor gets arrested, and Mount Onju goes back to Sin-yu.

Jae-gyeong’s actions catch the attention of many politicians who want to recruit him. Jae-gyeong will be going to the Blue House now. He says goodbye to Hong-jo and moves out of their house.  

What happens to all the minor characters?

After Mr. Gong’s embarrassing proposal, Ms. Ma cannot face her colleagues. For a while, she does not speak to him, but when he breaks his arm, she takes care of him. She also agrees to marry him. Mr. Gong and Ms. Ma get married in the presence of their friends and family.

Sam-sik is worried that U-ram will have to live in a children’s shelter if he goes to prison for aiding Na Jung-beom. However, it is Sin-yu who will be defending him in court, which gives him hope.

Wook decides to follow his passion and become an actor. He joins the cast of the drama that Sin-yu’s mother is starring in. Sin-yu’s father is now a supportive husband who appreciates his wife and brings coffee trucks to the set.

Later, when Eun-wol and Sin-yu’s parents visit Sin-yu and Hong-jo, it is revealed that the conception dream that Eun-wol had was about Sin-yu’s parents. Sin-yu’s mother is pregnant with her second child.

Do Hong-jo and Sin-yu live happily ever after?

As the curse has been broken, Sin-yu is no longer sick. After Jae-gyeong moves out, Sin-yu buys the house that Hong-jo rents and moves in with her. Hong-jo is also happier now. She gets along with her coworkers as well. 

Sin-yu takes Hong-jo to the beach and asks her father permission to marry her. He then asks Hong-jo to marry him, and they get engaged. The two of them return the wooden box to its original place and live a happy life.

A scene from Sin-yu’s past life shows Mu-jin taking Aeng-cho’s spell book out of the wooden box that is full of charms, which suggests that there is a possibility that the whole story of his past life is yet to be revealed.


  • Na Jung-beom becomes a terrifying stalker in this episode. Ahn Sang-woo, who plays Na Jung-beom, makes him look as vile and insane as possible.
  • Ha Jun, who plays Jae-gyeong, had managed to convince the audience that his character was a corrupt official. However, by not turning him into a villain, the show was able to add a little complexity to the love triangle.
  • The show’s ending is very ambiguous. It raises questions regarding Sin-yu and Hong-jo’s past as well as Sin-yu’s intentions. It can be frustrating or interesting, depending on how one looks at it.
  • The audience also gets glimpses of the playful and entertaining side of Sin-yu. That side of the character has not been seen for some time now, and it only makes the audience wish to see more of him.
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