Destined with You season 1 episode 15 recap & review

In the fifteenth episode of Destined with You, the mayor continues harassing Sin-yu, which leads to Hong-jo standing up to Na-yeon. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Now that the curse has been broken, Hong-jo and Sin-yu get back together. Na Jung-beom does not show up, and the police assume that he only tried to lure Hong-jo out. 

Hong-jo will be living with Sin-yu now and will have bodyguards with her at all times. She promises Sin-yu that she will not disappear again. Sin-yu’s parents visit him the next morning and meet Hong-jo. 

Sin-yu’s father does not like Hong-jo because he blames her for Sin-yu getting stabbed. Sin-yu’s mother defends Hong-jo, which leads to her husband blaming her background for their unhappy marriage.

Sin-yu’s mother wants a divorce, but her husband thinks that she would not actually go ahead with it. This time, she does send him the divorce notice along with an account of all the times he has insulted her, which she considers verbal abuse. She moves out of their house as well.

Hong-jo introduces Sin-yu to her mother’s old friend, who is also her landlady. Hong-jo and Sin-yu are happy that they are together again. Meanwhile, Seung-yeon pays Ms. Ma a visit at work. 

Seung-yeon gets into a physical fight with her after slapping Mr. Gong for choosing Ms. Ma over her. Everyone at work finds out that Ms. Ma is dating Mr. Gong. Later, Mr. Gong proposes to Ms. Ma in front of everyone, but Ms. Ma runs away instead of saying yes. 

Hong-jo and Sin-yu return to work. Due to everything that has happened, Hong-jo’s coworkers treat her well. On the other hand, the mayor wants Sin-yu to quit, but he refuses.

Jae-gyeong meets Mr. Lee, who bribes him to work for him. Mr. Lee needs a competent man on his side, as he thinks that the mayor is a fool. With Jae-gyeong on his side, Mr. Lee gets the development project, which would have otherwise been illegal.

Mount Onju was originally owned by Sin-yu, who gave it to the city. His father’s company was supposed to develop it, but because Sin-yu broke up with Na-yeon, the project was given to Haum Construction. As Sin-yu’s father loses the project, his company faces financial problems.

Sin-yu’s mother is going to start working again. She will be starring in a show. Sin-yu supports his mother’s decision to get divorced and start working again. He also introduces Hong-jo to her, and his mother takes a liking to her. 

When Sin-yu’s mother hears about the problems that Sin-yu’s father is facing, she goes back home to support him. He apologizes to her for his behavior and tells her that saving the company would mean nothing if he did not have her in his life.

Hong-jo goes to meet her high school friends, and when Na-yeon insults her, Hong-jo stands up for herself. Na-yeon resorts to physical violence, but this time, Hong-jo does not let her hit her. Na-yeon refuses to apologize to her, as she does not know that Hong-jo has been recording their whole conversation.

Hong-jo reveals that when they were in school, Na-yeon made her then-boyfriend force himself on Hong-jo while she recorded it. She then bullied Hong-jo and claimed that Hong-jo tried to steal her boyfriend. 

Na-yeon has been a bully all her life, but Hong-jo will no longer let her get away with it. Before leaving, she warns Na-yeon to stop using her father to harass Sin-yu. Hong-jo now has a recording of their conversation, which she can use as evidence.

Hong-jo and Sin-yu sleep together, and Eun-wol calls them to tell them that they will have a daughter. Hong-jo and Sin-yu had earlier saved a young boy named U-ram, who is Hong-jo’s friend, from getting bullied.

Hong-jo frequently works with U-ram’s grandfather as well, so when he approaches her to talk to her, she asks her bodyguards to give them some space. Sometime later, the bodyguards inform Sin-yu that Hong-jo has gone missing.

Sin-yu contacts the police and is told that Hong-jo went to Mount Onju. Sin-yu also goes to Mount Onju to look for her. It turns out that Na Jung-beom has kidnapped Hong-jo and plans to curse her again. 


  • This was a light-hearted episode that had some amusing scenes like Mr. Gong’s proposal and Sin-yu’s interaction with the children. The ending sets the scene for the final conflict, which will definitely not be so light-hearted.
  • Hong-jo goes missing because of Na Jung-beom once again. The show has been reusing the same conflict for a while now, and it is safe to say that it has become tiresome.
  • Sin-yu’s mother’s decision to divorce her husband was very satisfying, but it does not seem like it will actually happen. Sin-yu’s father changing overnight was not convincing at all, but it was expected.
Destined with You season 1 episode 15
Destined with You season 1 episode 15 recap & review 1

Director: Nam Ki-hoon

Date Created: 2023-10-12 13:00

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