Chainsaw Man episode 6 recap & review: Kill Denji

Chainsaw Man episode 6 sees Denji and the others continue to try and solve the quandary of the new devil they face, one that needs Chainsaw killed, and is ready to spare the others should they finish the job.


Chainsaw Man episode 6 opens with Himeno checking for herself if the trippy spatial loop they’re stuck in is really happening.

She checks and sees their harrowing condition is indeed real. Meanwhile, Kobeni is terrified out of her mind, breaking down in tears and snot and mixing the two to really drive home the point that she’s having the rounds of abject terrors.

Later on, Aki discovers that the loop doesn’t only run vertically but also horizontally. The rooms open to other rooms that eventually lead to the dawn hallway they are all currently located inside.

While Kobeni bawls her eyes out and regrets becoming a hunter, Arai is terrified and Aki and Himeno try to find a solution to their problem. Aki deduces that the devil is capable of stopping time, meaning they’re trapped in the loop with seemingly no way out.

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Denji is carefree and takes a nap since the time loop means all the time for him to sleep. Aki eventually finds the little devil that Power killed earlier still lives and has become way bigger than before.

The devil offers them a way out of their situation if they agree to kill Denji; he wants the Chainsaw Devil gone for some reason. Kobeni is quick to agree to the terms and pulls out a knife, lunging at Denji to take him out.

Himeno and Aki stop her, through. Arai is the second one to agree that they should kill off Denji to get out of the mess but Aki remains steadfast on his position of not killing one of their own, as Devil Hunters only kill the devils.

He later wonders if he should pull out his sword and get rid of the devil, but Himeno quickly shuts him off, leaving Denji to wonder why they wouldn’t use something that can get them out of the crisis.

Himeno tells Denji that Aki can’t use the sword even if there’s no way out and that Denji would have to die if such a dead end is reached.

The time eventually does arrive and Aki preps to use his sword, forcing Himeno to constrict his movements using that ghost hand, while Arai holds Denji down. Kobeni runs off to Denji to stab him with her knife, but Aki persists and gets in the way, getting stabbed himself.

He can’t let Denji die because he wants to kill the Gun Devil — someone Aki wants dead very badly but can’t kill on his own. He wants as many people willing to kill the devil as possible, and that’s one reason he can’t have Denji die.

Himeno slumps down and cries out whatever they’re going to do now to avert the crisis of this diabolical new devil. Denji finally rises to the occasion and is ready to take on the devil, theorising that this devil must be afraid of the chainsaws that he wields.

Chainsaw Man episode 6 ends with the titular character taking a plunge into the endless innards of the Eternity Devil, ready to give it pain and bloodshed.


  • Chainsaw Man episode 6 deals with all the characters dealing with the fatal quandary the Eternity Devil poses. However, except for Aki and Power, nobody seems to be really conflicted by the moral quandary they also face.
  • The episode does a good job highlighting the irony of a Fiend and an anomaly exhibiting more humanity and compassion, not to mention composure, than most of the rest of the devil-hunting squad.
  • Other than that, the episode doesn’t feel all that kinetic except for a few interesting visuals, thanks to the Eternity Devil’s space-time-morphing powers.
Chainsaw Man episode 6
Chainsaw Man episode 6 recap & review: Kill Denji 1

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Date Created: 2022-11-15 20:30

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