What is a Fiend in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man recently introduced the fans to a category of Devils called Fiend. Here’s all that the species entails in the anime so far.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Chainsaw Man recently premiered its first episode to a generally positive reaction from fans across the world. The extensive use of brutal and gory visuals makes the source material of said anime one of the hottest mangas in the shōnen genre.

With blood, gore, and monstrosity aplenty, the world of Chainsaw Man thrives off a world rich and rife with a variety of characters and story beats.

While the anime has yet to crank the fantastical elements to eleven, like they are in the manga, the two-episode run has already introduced some of the key plot points and elements.

One such element of the anime’s lore is “Fiend”, a species of Devils that populate the world of Chainsaw Man in significant numbers.

What is a Fiend?

When a Devil fuses with a human corpse, the resulting abomination is termed a “Fiend”. It is often seen as a last resort for the Devils, in cases where they must take over the corpse if they wish to survive.

Due to this corpse takeover, Fiends generally have a grotesque appearance (since corpses can often be disfigured or decomposed in some manner).

However, there are exceptions such as Denji’s work partner and friend, Power. She is far from grotesque and has in fact garnered a dedicated fan following for her looks and explosive eccentricity.

Quirks and Personality

There is always some unique mark that this Devil specie can be identified with — all having something to do with the shape of their heads. For example, Power has two horns on her head.

A Fiend generally takes over the personality of the human that once was. This means it’s the Devil’s personality which is visible to everyone else until it isn’t.

Some anomalies entail the human personality (or at least some part of it) being retained. There are also instances where the Devil either decides to take over the entire brain himself or give up the entire control of the human.

Chainsaw Man Power
Power in Chainsaw Man episode 2 (Image for representation purposes only)

There are some unique quirks that are birthed by such instances, like the human being able to see their Devil as an illusion, which can also go vice-versa.

There are also instances where the Devil might not be able to take over the body.

Powers and abilities

Fiends are a lot more powerful than a human and yet nearly not as powerful as some of the original Devils or Hybrids (when a Devil-Human fusion takes place while both of them are alive and conscious).

However, there are unique cases again that can sometimes make the difference in power a bit murky, as some Fiends can be really diabolically powerful.

Generally, though, they tend to have diluted powers of the original Devil who took over. There are some inabilities that mar the reputation of the specie like the inability to form a contract with a Devil or Human.

Some Fiends can transform to their original Devil form, albeit temporarily.

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