Central Park season 3 episode 12 recap & review: A Hot Dog to Remember

The twelfth episode of Central Park season 3 sees Owen and Cole working together to save the legacy of Louie’s Hotdogs. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


After buying a delicious hotdog from Louie, Owen fights Billy, from Billy’s Boiled Bologna Cart, for throwing trash near Louie’s cart. He writes Billy up and leaves him with a warning.

Louie has been selling hot dogs for the past 30 years and is about to set a record for the most consecutive days worked as a food vendor in Central Park.

Owen is pretty excited about it, as he sees Louie’s Hotdogs as a national treasure. Apparently, the day he is going to break the record falls on the same day his daughter graduates.

So Louie has to attend the graduation and needs someone to set up his cart until he comes back. Owen volunteers to do that, along with his son Cole, in order to save Louie’s legacy.

Owen and Cole, who have no idea about the food-cart business, mess things up when they accidentally pick up the cart of Raoul’s Vegan Delights and fill it with hotdogs.

A passionate Owen stays on the mission and heads back to find Louie’s cart to make a quick switch. Owen does manage to do that, but problems continue to pave their way.

Owen’s shoelaces get tied into one of the cart’s wheels. Once Owen gets that sorted, Billy, from Billy’s Boiled Bologna Cart, comes seeking revenge and rams their cart.

The force damages one of Louie’s cart’s wheels, making it difficult to push. Gary shows up to save the day while roller-skating through the town.

He offers one of his roller skates, and Owen ties it to the cart’s wheel. Owen and Cole had already wasted a lot of time and decided to cook hotdogs on their way.

The steam coming out of the cart blurs their vision, and they lose their grip on the cart, which falls backward toward the water. Gary, like a superhero, chases the cart and saves it in the nick of time.

Owen, Cole, and Gary realize that they won’t be able to take the cart back to Central Park. Owen had almost given up, but Cole reminded his father how everyone in the city loves these hotdogs.

He started calling everyone out on the road, and people noticed. They came to Owen and Cole’s aid and helped them push this cart to Central Park to make sure that Louie achieves this feat.

Later on, Louie comes back and announces free hotdogs on the occasion of his daughter’s graduation.

Amidst all of this, Paige had planned to spend a day with Molly and her friends, but it all changed when her editor called in.

A woman named Pearl from the publication’s 18–49 mysteries department feels that the ending to Paige’s book is not believable.

Afraid that she has to work again, Paige decides to prove that it is believable, only to discover a plothole in her story. The ending suggests that the main character spots the murderer from the top of the rollercoaster.

Paige has been planning a sequel for her book where her main character is pregnant. With that, the character shouldn’t be allowed to sit on rollercoaster rides.

Paige took the risk of sitting on the rollercoaster, although she hates it, in order to figure out the right way to end her book.

Lastly, Bitsy prepares herself for the Mapsie camera that will pass by her hotel. Mapsie camera intends to drive through Manhattan to capture pictures of streets, buildings, and anything else that happens to be in front of it.

These pictures later show up on the city’s map. Last year, an embarrassing picture of Bitsy showed up in front of the Brandenham Hotel.

This year, she wants to redeem herself. She tried to do that with the help of Helen and Abby, but pigeons attacked her while a wedding took place in front of her.

The Mapsie camera ended up clicking another photo of Bitsy that will be made fun of for the rest of the year.


  • The episode does a great job of establishing the importance of Louie’s Hotdogs when it is introduced. A montage features how over the years he has affected the lives of New Yorkers and has collected their memories.
  • Owen’s passion to save Louie’s Hotdogs ends up showing the viewers a new side of the character where he is willing to break the rules.
  • The hotdog jokes are on point, and Gary tagging along with Owen and Cole gave the main plot the element of thrill, which was quite interesting to watch.
  • Paige’s subplot expressed her sheer ability to adjust things. Bitsy’s limited time, on the other hand, gets humorous when her embarrassing pictures are presented.
Central Park season 3 episode 12
Central Park season 3 episode 12 recap & review: A Hot Dog to Remember 1

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