Bitsy’s plan to capture Central Park

In the premiere episode of the show’s third season, Bitsy vowed to capture Central Park. This time around, she is targeting another person with power whose friendship might benefit her in accomplishing her goals.

Since Mayor Whitebottom’s resignation, Bitsy has been waiting for a special election that will be contested in a few months. To prepare for the same, she started interviewing potential candidates, in order to make sure the winner is already in her pocket.

Bitsy’s assistant, Helen interviewed and met a number of people who were looking forward to becoming mayor. The ones Bitsy can manipulate, but she couldn’t find someone like that. Until Helen noticed the current interim Mayor Quincy Leeds.

Helen presented Bitsy with the idea of making Leeds a full-time mayor. Initially, Bitsy saw Leeds as nobody. Helen further described Mayor Leeds as a blank space and a puppet. With that, Bitsy saw herself easily controlling him and decided to use him.

Bitsy meets interim Mayor Quincy Leeds

Bitsy arranged a meeting with interim Mayor Quincy Leeds, in order to impress him. Helen had two employees who can act. With them, Bitsy wanted to show Mayor Leeds that she is the nicest boss in the world.

The two actors did their job well in front of Mayor Leeds. Even Bitsy managed to act her way through as a nice person. But, when a third employee came in bringing towels, Bitsy lost her mind.

Bitsy's plan to capture Central Park 1
Mayor Leeds tells Bitsy about his love for laundry

Amidst this, Mayor Leeds didn’t notice Bitsy’s rude behavior but definitely the number of towels she has. Mayor Leeds revealed that he is quite a nerd when it comes to laundry. It comes from his family as they used to run fluff and folds in Queens.

Bitsy decided to use laundry as a means to get closer to Mayor Quincy Leeds.

Bitsy offers to be a benefactor

Bitsy further impressed Mayor Quincy Leeds with her big laundry room. She offered him a fitted sheet and a chance to be more than just an interim mayor.

She explained that she wants to see him as a full-time mayor and her as his benefactor. She will offer him money, and in exchange, he will allow her to get involved with Central Park.

Bitsy's plan to capture Central Park 2
Bitsy offers Mayor Leeds a deal

Mayor Leeds found it amusing and told her about the campaign he is working on with Park Manager Owen Tillerman. Believing Owen could use someone like Bitsy with that passion and pocketbook, Leeds welcomed her to the campaign.

In the coming episodes, Bitsy will continue to influence Mayor Leeds and Owen Tillerman in order to buy Central Park, once the campaign “I Heart The Park,” begins.

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