Shawn Levy and Karan Johar discuss emotional aspect of ‘The Adam Project’

In a recent video on the Netflix India YouTube channel, director of ‘The Adam Project’ Shawn Levy and Indian producer and director Karan Johar discussed the emotional aspect of the film.

Johar said: “I was really excited that I was one of the first early people in India to see it and like it’s really a privilege. I absolutely love The Adam Project and I found myself crying in the last scene of The Adam Project between the father and son and that’s what I took back with me – the emotions. I think that’s the essence of spectacle movies, but also you walk out with an inherent emotion.

“My father meant the world to me, he is no more now but I remember that everything I’ve ever watched in cinema that’s moved me has always been father related at the core level. That’s what The Adam Project is also about. It’s about family. It’s about the father and son and I was absolutely swept away by the emotional energy of the film.”

He added that Levy would “spend an entire week and then many months post the release hearing a lot of great compliments” and how relatable viewers found the film to be.

To this, Levy replied: “I don’t make movies just to entertain myself or to convey ideas and concepts. I go to make a connection and a connection that is inherently emotional. This is what gets me up in the morning. It’s why I love filmmaking. I’m well aware that the cinema of India is unabashedly devoted to audience delight, audience joy, audience warmth and those are the kinds of movies I love from any culture.

“I feel like increasingly so many movies are either dark or somber or alienating or they’re pure spectacle, but not emotional. I’d really love to believe that cinema can be both. I wanted to make an emotional spectacle with The Adam Project. Ryan Reynolds and I met on Free Guy, and as soon as we met, we had this shared feeling that, oh, wait, we’re both at a stage of our careers and our lives where we want to actually tell stories that connect in a joyous manner and in a sunshine manner.”

The Adam Project stars Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Walker Scobell, Catherine Keener and Zoe Saldaña. It is now streaming on Netflix.

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