The Adam Project review: Entertaining blend of sci-fi and family drama


Netflix film ‘The Adam Project’ revolves around the titular Adam (Ryan Reynolds), who travels back in time to correct events that shaped his timeline.


An older Adam is on the run in 2050, being chased and shot by unknown pursuers. To escape, he creates a wormhole and makes a trip back in time.

In 2022, a young Adam (Walker Scobell) is struggling to cope with the death of his father, Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo), one year before the film’s events.

When he comes across the old Adam in his own timeline, everything begins to complicate.

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Old Adam reveals he accidentally returned to 2022 instead of 2018, which was his original destination. He is being chased by Louis’ old business partner Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener).

What follows is the two Adams’ attempt to figure out why 2018 was important in changing the course of the future.


Ryan Reynolds plays, well, another version of Ryan Reynolds. He could play the witty, charming guy with a sense of humour in his sleep by now. But there is no equal to Reynold when it comes to this certain character type.

Walker Scobell is the surprise package of the film. The way he mirrors a younger version of Ryan Reynolds is praiseworthy. Some of the banter between the two Adams is hilarious.

Mark Ruffalo provides the perfect contrast to the witty characters, bringing a more grounded personality to the table. Some of his moments with his sons are absolute tearjerkers. 

Catherine Keener’s character has some depth, but she is unable to bring it out enough, as the older Sorian comes off as more evil than someone who lost their path along the way.

Playing the older Adam’s wife, Laura, Zoe Saldana struggles to stand out as her character is pretty standard.


The Adam Project is an extremely entertaining watch, with the runtime passing by in the blink of an eye. The production value is also proof that the difference between streaming films and big-budget theatrical films is diminishing.

The humour mostly lands, steered by the reliable Reynolds and Scobell. The two are the major reason the plot is engaging.

Director Shawn Levy brings out a delightful family angle to the entire sci-fi action, which makes you tear up as much as you laugh on the punchlines. It successfully evokes the right emotion, and never seems forced.

By the end of it, you might find yourself re-connecting with someone close to you, and that’s definitely a win for any movie.

The soundtrack adds to every sequence, making you feel that the stakes are high.


The sci-fi aspect of the films isn’t developed enough. The time travel could have been explained better, as well as giving a better picture of the future.

The old version of Sorian doesn’t look 30 years older by any stretch of the imagination.


Despite being hyped up as a sci-fi action film, The Adam Project’s biggest strength is in its emotion and the need to understand and appreciate family.

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