‘Falling for Christmas’ ranks #1 in Netflix top 10 English films (Nov 14 – 20)

Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas rom-com, ‘Falling for Christmas‘ climbed to the number 1 spot in Netflix’s list of top 10 English films for November 14 – 20. The film collected a total of 37.85 million watch hours.

The second position was taken by Jason Momoa led ‘Slumberland‘ with 33.37 million hours, and Florence Pugh starrer ‘The Wonder‘ came in at third with 26.18 million hours.

The top 5 were closed off by ‘Enola Holmes 2‘ (21.42 million) and ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ (20.33 million).

The latter half of the list featured ‘Christmas with You‘ (17.93 million), ‘Minions and More Volume 2’ (10.5 million), ‘The Good Nurse‘ (8.8 million), ‘Enola Holmes‘ (7.61 million), and ‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ (7.5 million).

'Falling for Christmas' ranks #1 in Netflix top 10 English films (Nov 14 – 20) 1
Image Source: Netflix

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