Enola Holmes 2 ending explained: What happened to Sarah Chapman?

‘Enola Holmes 2’ continues the story of the titular Enola, who is entangled in a case that could have larger implications than she first believed. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the events of the first film, Enola started her own detective agency. But she is unable to convince clients that a woman can solve their cases, while her brother, Sherlock Holmes, bags one case after another.

Just when she is about to give up, a little girl named Bessie asks her to investigate the disappearance of her sister, Sarah.

She starts with their house and finds out that Bessie and Sarah aren’t actual sisters. Bessie was taken in by the latter and they became “found sisters”.

Bessie reveals that Sarah worked at a match factory, where many girls like her were tasked with creating matchsticks. Enola enters the factory and begins investigating. She comes to the conclusion that Sarah found something important and is in hiding.

Mae, Sarah’s friend and another worker at the match factory, feels like a loose end to Enola. She follows her and ends up at The Paragon Theatre, where Sarah worked a performer as well. Mae is clearly hiding something.

Another worker at the theatre reveals that Sarah was frequently visited by an unidentified man. She finds letters from the man written to her, including poetry.

As Enola tries to figure out the connection between Sarah and the man, she runs into a drunk Sherlock. She safely escorts him back to his house: 221B Baker Street. She leaves after he tries telling her to not get into anything dangerous again.

Enola likes Lord Tewksbury but does not pursue anything more since she considers it a distraction. She still finds excuses to run into him. He has made a name for himself by rooting for noble causes.

Enola deciphers the poem she found earlier, and finds a hidden address: 28 Bell Place, Whitechapel. When she goes to the location, she notices that the door is open.

In the house, she finds Mae dead as well as more evidence; a sheet of musical notes. Inspector Lestrade and Superintendent Grail arrive at the scene of the murder and assume Enola is responsible.

She manages to escape and hide in Sherlock’s home. Lestrade and Grail ask Sherlock about her but he feigns innocence.

The two exchange information on the cases they’re investigating. Sherlock is trying to identify an individual who is transferring money from the treasury. They are on to him and always one step ahead.

With some effort, Enola deciphers that William Lyon, son of the owner of the match factory, was the man who loves Sarah.

She goes to the ball hosted by his parents and gets a dance with him. He tells her to meet him later, but she is arrested by Lestrade.

She is scheduled to be hanged. To save her, Sherlock enlists the help of Edith and Eudoria, his mother. They successfully break her out of jail and even get the better of Grail. But still, the mystery around Sarah remains.

Enola Holmes 2 ending explained in detail:

Why is Sarah Chapman hiding?

During a conversation with Bessie, Enola comes across a striking realisation. The match factory had been claiming that cases of Typhus were prevalent.

However, the girls’ deteriorating condition was due to the phosphorous in the factory. She quickly finds Tewksbury and tells him about this.

The lord is paid a visit by Cicely, who had been asking for his help for a while. Enola puts it all together and realises that Cicely is Sarah.

She found evidence of the phosphorous scandal and has been hiding ever since. She switched her identity to prevent being found. She and William had been working together and were in love.

The two needed Tewksbury’s help, which was why he was invited to the ball by Lyon.

Is William Lyon dead?

Enola and Tewksbury attempt to find Lyon, but run into Sherlock, who has also been led there by his own investigation.

Lyon is found dead. He had stolen the proof that his father and McIntyre were working together. The latter had been stealing from the match factory by changing the formula to a cheaper phosphorous, which is deadly.

While that may be true, Sherlock isn’t convinced that McIntyre was the one who killed William. He believes it is the work of the person who has been getting the better of him, Moriarty.

Where is Sarah Chapman?

In the hands of William, Enola finds a missing piece of the music sheet called ‘The Truth of the Gods’. Tewksbury figures out that it means the balcony in theatre terms. Sarah is hiding on the balcony of the Paragon Theatre.

En route to the Paragon Theatre, Enola and Tewsbury finally kiss. When the two arrive along with Sherlock, they find Sarah. She confirms their hypothesis by showing them the proof of contract between Lyon and McIntyre but is shocked to learn about William’s death.

Grail finds them and attempts to get the evidence from Sarah. In the ensuing fight, Enola outwits him and leaves him unconscious.

Who is Moriarty?

After the chaos ends, McIntyre arrives, having been called by Sherlock. He arrests Grail and wants to arrest Sarah for blackmail.

However, Sherlock reveals that the true blackmailer is someone else, who has been pulling the strings from the shadows.

The real culprit is Mira Troy, who had been working for McIntyre. If you rearrange the letters in her name, it spells Moriarty.She had been acting like an innocent woman, hearing and seeing everything. She had been getting the funds that Sherlock was tracking.

When William stole the contract, it became a problem for her as he threatened to cut off the money. Moriarty accepts all the crimes. She is a genius who felt undervalued by society, and thus began scheming. She is arrested but vows to return. Later in the film, Sherlock reads news of her escape from the police.

Are the girls at the match factory saved?

McIntyre burns the contract but Enola encourages Bessie and Sarah to band together and save them all.

Sarah goes to the factory and attempts to stir up a rebellion. Although unsuccessful at first, a little nudge from Bessie unites them all. The girls leave the factory together to fight for their rights. Edith and Eudoria look on and remark on what a troublemaker Enola is.

Why don’t Sherlock and Enola partner up?

Later, Sherlock suggests a partnership between the siblings. Enola politely rejects as she does not want to be in his shadow forever.

She does want him to check up on her and vice versa. Enola says she will meet him on Thursday at 4 pm.

Their relationship has come a long way. Earlier, Sherlock consistently underestimated her and was overly protective. He has now come to respect her as well as work on being more of a brother to her.

Do Enola and Tewksbury end up together?

As Sherlock leaves, he runs into Tewksbury, who has brought flowers for Enola. He tells her that he brings spreading bellflowers as they remind him of her.

In the end, Enola and Tewksbury walk hand-in-hand, finally accepting their love for each other. She also has her mother to thank for this, who had advised her earlier in the film about not insisting on being alone and finding allies.

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