Falling for Christmas ending explained: Does Sierra get her memory back?

Netflix’s ‘Falling for Christmas’ follows Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan), the spoilt daughter of a rich businessman, who gets amnesia after an accident during a snow storm. She ends up moving into a nearby lodge and tries to recover her memory in the days leading up to Christmas.

Plot summary

Sierra Belmont is the rich and spoiled daughter of hotel magnate, Beauregard Belmont. She travels to her father’s lavish hotel in a beautiful ski town, Summit Springs, as he expects her to take up a job in the business.

Unwilling to work, she invites her equally obnoxious and influencer boyfriend, Tad, to the hotel as well. Elsewhere, single dad Jake Russell owns the small North Star Lodge nearby, that is facing financial issues due to cancellations.

With Christmas nearing, Jake unsuccessfully tries to get Beauregard to invest in his business and is worried about sustaining it. On his way back, he accidentally bumps into Sierra and ruins her dress by dropping hot chocolate on it. However, he doesn’t register her face as she’s wearing thick sun-glasses and a hat.

Jake returns to the lodge and takes a couple on a horse sleigh ride. Meanwhile, his daughter Avy accompanies her grandmother, Alejandra, to write a wish and hang it on the town’s Christmas tree.

Elsewhere, Sierra and Tad go to a remote location, atop of a snowy cliff, where the latter proposes. Avy writes her wish and hangs it on the tree, which is noticed by an old and mysterious bearded man (shown to be Father Christmas in disguise).

He immediately grants the wish and a snow storm erupts. Sierra slips and falls off the mountain on one side and Tad tumbles down the other way.

The unconscious Sierra is discovered by Jake during his sleigh ride, who calls in emergency services. She wakes up in the hospital and demands to leave, but is unable to remember anything before the accident.

Meanwhile, Tad is stranded in the snowy wilderness with no network, and stumbles onto an isolated cabin over a frozen lake. There, he meets the owner, Ralph, who provides him shelter.

Sierra cannot remember who she is and no one knows she is missing yet. Therefore, Jake — who does not recognise her — offers to let her stay at his lodge. She moves in and realises that she isn’t accustomed to this lifestyle.

However, she does become friendly with Avy, who starts calling her Sarah.

Falling for Christmas ending explained in detail:

How does Sierra deal with amnesia?

The doctor suggests that if Sierra does regular household work, she might remember who she is. So, she starts helping around the lodge but messes everything up.

Jake is already upset with all the cancellations and scolds Sierra for her actions. However, he later feels guilty and offers to take her to the Summit Springs Christmas market, where someone might recognise her.

There, Avy heads to the stall being operated by Father Christmas. He offers Sierra a snow globe that triggers a happy childhood memory inside her brain, related to her late mother.

Jake and Sierra have a lot of heartfelt exchanges during this time and start secretly falling for each other. The latter finally starts learning to do regular tasks like laundry, cooking, making the bed, and helps Jake deal with guests.

How does Sierra plan on saving the lodge?

Sierra has a tender moment with Alejandra, who gets emotional while going through an old photo album of the lodge. It features pictures of former guests and her late daughter.

After realising how much financial trouble the North Star lodge is in, Sierra decides to use that album to organise a fund raiser and invite old guests to relive their best memories at the property.

Initially, Jake disagrees. He doesn’t want to save the lodge due to bitter memories of his wife’s death. He even expresses to Sierra that he feels something for her, but cannot bring himself to explore it.

Eventually, Alejandra convinces him that it is alright to let go, and he obliges. The party is planned for Christmas Eve and the flyers are printed.

Does Tad get rescued?

Beauregard arrives at the hotel after a business trip and demands to see his daughter. After being told that she is nowhere to be found, he sends out a search party and contacts the sheriff.

Meanwhile, the police find Ralph and Tad, who try to walk back to town after the former’s truck dies. Tad sees Beauregard at the police station and tells everyone about the accident. The sheriff realises where the missing daughter is as he met Sierra after her fall.

Does Sierra get her memory back?

At the party, the lodge sees a huge amount of guests, including the town’s mayor. The people make handsome donations and the mayor reveals that the town council has put forth a proposal to turn the North Star lodge into a historic site, which will help with funds and renovations.

Everything seems to be going well until Tad and Beauregard show up with the sheriff, and help Sierra remember herself. Beauregard thanks Jake for taking good care of her daughter. Her memories come flooding back and she leaves, much to Jake’s dismay.

However, back into her lavish life, Sierra doesn’t fit in. She wake up before time, makes her bed, denies caviar and even makes her own breakfast. Tad announces a press conference to make their engagement official, but is worried with this never-seen-before side of his fiancé.

Do Jake and Sierra end up together?

Jake and his family see the press conference where Sierra praises the North Star lodge. However, when Tad announces the engagement, she seems uncomfortable.

Avy reveals that she wished for Jake to find love when she went to the wishing tree, but is sad that it didn’t come true. However, when she realises that her dad never confessed his feelings properly to Sierra, she urges him to go and do that before she flies out.

Jake’s snow mobile doesn’t start but the duo is shocked to see a new sleigh (The expensive one they saw at the Christmas market) waiting outside the garage. Jake gets his horse Balthazar around and they make their way to the Belmont resort.

Meanwhile, after getting a shout out on the news, the North Star lodge is sold out. Sierra talks to her dad about finding her own career path and breaks off the engagement with Tad.

Jake and Avy reach the resort and the former goes to look for Sierra. He notices Tad get into a luxury vehicle with tinted windows and assumes that Sierra is inside as well.

He requests the vehicle to not move and pours his heart out, thinking Sierra is listening. However, he is shocked to see Tad leaving with Sierra’s assistant, Terry.

Father Christmas is watching over a stall outside the resort and guides Jake to the back courtyard of the property. Sierra is happy to see Jake and the two finally kiss. She also mentions that her dad is interested in investing in the lodge and she would like to help run it.

The film ends with Beauregard and Avy joining the new couple in the courtyard as Father Christmas smiles at them from a distance.

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