Christmas with You ending explained: Do Angelina and Miguel end up together? 

‘Christmas With You’ follows Angelina, a pop star who is desperately seeking inspiration. Her life changes when she meets a young fan and her father. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Angelina Costa, a mega-popular pop star, is considered by many to be on the decline as she is unable to keep up with the current trends. There is even the threat of losing her record label if she cannot come out with a hit Christmas-themed special.

Her fellow pop star from the label, Cheri Bibi, has also begun overshadowing her. To make her life worse, she is forced to publicly accept a relationship with Ricardo, another celebrity.

One day, she finds a video of a young girl named Cristina Torres, who is her huge fan, where she states that it is her dream to meet Angelina. Impressed by it, she decides to give her a special visit along with her assistant, Monique.

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Cristina is elated at meeting her idol. She and her father, Miguel, invite Angelina to their home. There, she has a conversation with Cristina about losing her mother.

Angelina realises that Miguel is a music teacher in Cristina’s school. She finds a Christmas song that he had been writing. The two begin working on it together, and, in the process, become closer personally as well. In fact, Angelina gets closer to the entire family.

Cristina invites Angelina to her Quinceañera and she accepts, but only if she and Miguel will attend a gala for charity at which she is set to perform.

Angelina and Miguel get to a level of intimacy where they’re about to kiss, but the former interrupts the moment as she comes up with the hook for the song; “Christmas Without You”.

However, Ricardo suddenly shows up at Miguel’s house and keeps up the facade of his relationship with Angelina. She leaves with him but promises to meet Miguel and Cristina at the gala.

Later, Angelina confronts Ricardo, who talks about how they actually tried dating but Angelina ended it. He is now jealous of her equation with Miguel. Unsure of what to do, she encourages Ricardo to keep up the facade.

Christmas With You ending explained in detail:

What happens at the gala?

Barry, from Angelina’s record label, rubs salt on her wounds at the gala by telling her that Cheri Bi will perform at the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special. On the other hand, Cheri turns out to be a nice person and looks up to Angelina.

After Miguel tells her that he has never performed in front of such a huge crowd, Angelina calls him up on stage to play the piano as she performs ‘Christmas Without You’.

The crowd’s response is extremely positive, including Barry. But Ricardo gets jealous and ambushed her in front of the cameras, separating her from Miguel.

Barry offers Angelina the chance to do the SNL Christmas special instead of Cheri. She follows Miguel and asks him to join her for the performance.

He refuses due to a clash with Cristina’s Quinceañera. Angelina asks him to join her for the long term and accompany her for tours.

Miguel is baffled by this and replies that he could never just leave his family. He asks if it was only about the song for her because it was always much more for him.

Does Angelina accept her feelings for Miguel?

Miguel tells her that he believes she feels the same about him. But when he senses that she is unable to say it out loud, he leaves.

At home, Cristina tells Miguel that she could sense that he had a crush on her as well, and she also thought that she felt the same way.

After the stunt pulled by Ricardo, Angelina breaks up with him. Cheri comes as a fan for Angelina’s SNL recording. She becomes an unlikely source to help Angelina decide what her heart truly desires and she ends up choosing Miguel and Cristina.

Does Angelina show up at Cristina’s Quinceañera?

During the Quinceañera, Cristina and Miguel have a heartfelt conversation where he tells her that he is proud of her.

As she is about to begin her performance, Angelina makes an entry and dances alongside her, much to everyone’s shock at the event. Cristina and Miguel are overjoyed that she decided to show up.

Angelina and Miguel make up and finally kiss. Later, Angelina’s Christmas song makes it to number one in the top 10. In the end, she decided that this was the life she truly desired, and not just the hectic world of being a pop star.

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