My Holo Love: Netflix’s new Korean sci-fi drama

After the smashing success of Crash Landing on You, Netflix Korea has released a trailer for its first original web drama of 2020, titled My Holo Love.

The web series is a sci-fi romance, starring Yoon Hyun-min of I Live Alone fame, Suits alum Ko Sung-hee, Emergency Couple’s Choi Yeo-jin, 2PM’s Chansung, Jung Young-ki from Goblin: The Lonely and Great God and Kim Soo-jin.

My Holo Love: Netflix's new Korean sci-fi drama 1
Source: Netflix Korea

It spotlights Han So-yeon (Ko Sung-Hee), a 30-year-old businesswoman, who has always kept her distance from people and embraced a solitary life due to her face blindness disorder. But when the loneliness closes in on her, she volunteers to become a Beta tester for a new and bizarre invention – an AI holographic companion.

The invention is a pair of glasses, which upon wearing provides the user with a personal hologram helper or companion. Nicknamed Holo, the hologram helper resembles its inventor, Ko Nan-Do (Yoon Hyun-min).

My Holo Love: Netflix's new Korean sci-fi drama 2
Source: Netflix Korea

Just like that, So-yeon and Holo’s relationship with each other begins to move beyond a mere companionship and Ko Nan-do begins to develop feelings for So-yeon as he observes her relationship progress with Holo.

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Choi Yeo-jin plays Ko Yoo-jin, Nan-do’s sister and Jung Young-ki portrays Jo Jin-seok. Chansung and Kim Soo-jin’s roles are yet to be announced.

The web drama is directed by Lee Sang-yeob, who has shows like Shopaholic King Louis and Familiar Wife under his belt

My Holo Love premiers 7 February on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here:

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